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  • The Importance Of Fate In The Aeneid

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    Is life pre-ordained? In living, are we consciously making decisions that affect how our lives play out or are people simply characters preforming from a script containing the information of all of time? This concept of destiny verses human agency is a common thread through the epic poem, The Aeneid by Virgil as Aeneas is destined to found Rome, and that Rome that he founds is destined to prevail and be great. In The Aeneid, destiny is inevitable, because fate is inescapable and will come to pass

  • King Numitor Of Alba Longa Analysis

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    1. King Numitor of Alba Longa was captured by his younger brother Amulius, and sent to prison. To make sure that there would be no retaliation, Amulius murdered Numitor’s sons and forced his daughter, Rhea Silvia, to become a vestal virgin. But the god of war, Mars, became obsessed by her beauty and had his way with her while she slept. Rhea Silvia gave birth to twin boys, Romulus and Remus, as a result. Amulius in a rage, threw Rhea Silvia into the Tiber river. Servants took pity on the twins, so

  • The Controversy Of The Painting 'The Zuloaga Affair'

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    The one in particular that I have been discussing is the portrait entitled Equestrian Portrait of Maria del Rosario Cayetanna Fitz-James Stuary y de Silva, Eighteenth Duchess of Alba. This portrait depicts a four year old girl on a horse with some of her most favorite toys around her in front of a bluish mountain range with whirls of white and purple clouds to contrast. “It combines reminiscences of Diego Velazquez’s equestrian

  • So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba and Blood Wedding by Frederico Garcia Lorca

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    "So Long A Letter" by Mariama Ba and "Blood Wedding" by Frederico Garcia Lorca Thesis: Characters that cause immense pain to another, especially to their consorts, succumb to death in the texts So Long A Letter and Blood Wedding by Mariama Bâ and Federico García Lorca respectively. Death is one aspect of life that prevents a person from being invincible. It is one of the inevitable occurrences that a man has to yield to. In the texts So Long A Letter and Blood Wedding by Mariama Bâ and

  • The House of Bernarda Alba

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    Rachel Viets Intro to Comparative Literature 2/28/14 Midterm Essay The House of Bernarda Alba is a drama depicting the lives of women in villages of Spain during the 20th century. The play begins by the mother, Bernarda, issuing a seven-year mourning period upon her family of five daughters after the death of her beloved spouse. The isolation inside this house causes tensions to rise, and a thematic struggle between freedom and captivity becomes apparent as emotions start to snowball out

  • Dreams Of Madness : The True Misery Of The House Of Bernarda Alba

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    Dreams of Madness: The True Misery in The House of Bernarda Alba In The House of Bernarda Alba society revolves around repression and subdual. Alternative thoughts are often seen as mad and individuality is unheard of, yet further hopes and dreams are still held by some. The ruthless matriarch of the household, Bernarda, is often heard bellowing “I will haunt your dreams.” (“The House of Bernarda Alba, 276”) In such society where dreams represent freedom from said repression, Bernarda blinds herself

  • Theme Of Female Oppression In La Casa De Bernarda Alba

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    FEMALE OPPRRESSION IN LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA Katarina Milosevic In this essay, female oppression in La Casa de Bernarda Alba will be discussed and analyzed. However, in order to be able to understand the importance of this theme and the impact it has had on the play, one must first understand the role of female oppression in the Spanish society in the 1930s. The 1930s were a period of many changes in Spain, especially because Francisco Franco started ruling the country and the political problems

  • The House of Bernarda Alba Essay

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    The House of Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca was born in 1898 and died in 1936, he lived through one of the most troubling times of Spain's history. He grew up in Granada, Spain, and enjoyed the lifestyle and countryside of Spain. His father was a wealthy farmer and his mother was a school teacher and encouraged his love of literature, art, and music. He was an extremely talented man. A respectable painter, a fine pianist, and an accomplished writer. He was close friends with some of

  • The Moon In Federico Garcia Lorca's 'Blood Wedding'

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    Looking through Federico Garcia Lorca’s works, we can clearly see that he was very much influenced by many aspects of nature. So, it is no wonder that in this play, “Blood Wedding” the character of The Moon is influenced by integral parts of the natural world. This character, is one of the most important as it drives the plot of towards a very emotional and tragic end. The moon is one of the most frequent symbols in the works of Lorca, in Blood Wedding, Federico Garcia Lorca gave us a portrayal

  • Surrealism And Symbolism Of Federico Garcia Lorca

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    Abstract: Federico Garcia Lorca was a widespread celebrated folk Spanish playwright, artist, singer, and the Andalusia poet. He gave his much attention to the field of drama by using his concept of Surrealism and Symbolism. Hence he has become famous and got popularity in the entire World of literature for his specific works. But his controversial assassination, having queerness, consequently he is fired by the Civil Government during the Spanish Civil War (1936). However, it has destroyed his career