Albrecht von Haller

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    In his 1729 poem Die Alpen—The Alps in English—Swiss Albrecht von Haller paints an idealized portrait of mountain life based on his journeys thorough the Swiss Alps while working as a botanist. Haller describes the beauty of the landscapes with flowery, sensual language: “the plum of honied flavor” (Haller, 57), “circling peaks create a rim of gleaming blue” (Haller, 65), and “The ambient air is full of scents and ambergris”(Haller, 69). Haller likens to the mountain communities as a sort of utopian

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    Evolution and The Island of Doctor Moreau

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    There are a lot of misconceptions about Darwin's theory of evolution. One of the biggest is that he called the theory by that name. Albrecht von Haller used the word "evolution" in 1744 to mean "to unroll," so the word was around in Darwin's time, but Darwin never used it in the sense we use it today. It was added later by others, including Herbert Spencer, who is responsible for the theory we call Social Darwinism. This theory is misnamed; it is not based on Darwin's work, but Spencer's. Darwin

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