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  • Jazz Albums as Art Essay

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    Jazz Albums as Art In the Process of Completing Research for This Issue, I Realized That What I Want to Say May Be Divided into Two Sections. Part One Surveys the General Topic of Album Art; Part Two (Outlined in the Accompanying Sidebar) Considers the Conspicuous Absence of Black Artists from the Process of Designing Jazz Packages: Covers, Liner Notes Etc. This Second Part Will Be Published in an Upcoming Issue.--R.G.O'M. The enclosed portfolio of album cover art springs from my ongoing

  • Debut Albums Essay

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    Dreams To people they can be just an unreachable goal Or an unattainable desire. They can beacons of hope Or just simply just a wish you hope that comes true one day. To some people they seem like silly thoughts And things we should not waste our time on. To others its they are only silver of hope they have lost all hope. It can mean to others their goals or even how they want life to be. Or just something that occurs when you fall asleep To me Dreams were the only thing that I had to

  • Meat Loaf 's Album ' Bat Out Of Hell '

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    Meat Loaf’s album ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ was released in 1977, and is considered by many as an iconic album cover. In 2001, it was rated 71st in Q Magazine’s listing of ‘The 100 Best Album Covers of All Time’. Singer Meat Loaf and composer Jim Steinman commissioned the cover artwork from the renowned comic artist Richard Corben, best known for his sci-fi and fantasy work. Corben’s illustration effectively advertises the album 's contents to the target audience as well as creating the beginnings of a visual

  • Case Study : Bruno Mars ' Debut Album

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    Doo-Wops & Hooligans is Bruno Mars ' debut album which was released on the 4th of October, 2010. The album contains several hit tracks with varied arrangements from reggae to R&B. It garnered Grammy Award nominations for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album in 2012 while Rolling Stone referred to it as "the year 's finest pop debut: 10 near-perfect songs." Although majority of the album tracks were composed by The Smeezingtons, of which Bruno Mars is also a member, some tracks were also products

  • Animal Farm CD Project Album Essay

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    "Poison" By All Time Low I've got a house in the back of my head But I can't find a permanent resident 'Cause the market's down And the area's not so good these days I've got a watch but I don't have time I've got a road and it leads to decadence But a dead end sign waits down the line I leave my footprints for the evidence So take my life, I'll hand it to you And you can try on my clothes But you can't fill these shoes On a silver platter your wish came true So your heart of gold turned platinum

  • The Drums Album Summertime

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    Florida to New York, they immediately got the attention of the indie world when their album Summertime was released. The album Summertime is a collection of beach pop fantasy with tracks that are filled with sentimental yearning that really sweeps over an individual. They became an irresistible and popular band in the summer of 2009. The Summertime record has become the perfect upbeat and post-punk summer fling album to have. The founding members of The Drums are Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham who

  • The Album Of La Revue Blanche

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    Exhibition Overview: Among the many fabulous pieces of art housed at the DMA, there lies a hidden gem that has yet to be on display. The Album of La Revue Blanche, a collection of prints commissioned by the late 19th century Parisian anarchist journal, provides not only an insight into popular fin-de-siècle French print culture, but also a beautiful case-study in the techniques developed by leading artists in the realm of fine art lithography. It is the goal of this exhibit to explore the place

  • Album Review Essay

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    I: Alright so I'm just gonna ask some general comments about the album. So what's your initial response to the visual album? (pause) Just initial response after watching it. 1: Well thought out. 5: It's a lot. Just in your face (laughs) from like from the beginning to end which I think is something that's really needed because a lot of things like you address each issue individually and like there's this social media push than just having it all be together I think was nice. I: Any other reactions

  • The Album Ep By Jeff Buckley

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    Grace, the only album released by artist Jeff Buckley, due to his untimely death, contained a number of his original songs as well as some covers. This album released in 1994, sold “only modestly but was warmly received by critics” (Simon and Schuster, 2001), and gained Buckley immense respect as an artist. His song “Lover, you should’ve come over” was evidence that Buckley was a talented artist who was not only an excellent performer but an excellent songwriter who could craft melodies and words

  • Beyonce's ' Beyonce' Album

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    1. Pretty hurts You thought those ideas were dead. You thought the feelings deep in the pit of your stomach would never again speak in your head. Once plaguing you to try to empty it of that feeling the only way you knew how, through puking your heart out. But that false hope crumbles when you see a beautiful girl who has everything your not, talk to Jack. Soon enough you find yourself on the cold tile floor of a bathroom stall. And so the cycle begins again, one in which you try your hardest to