Alexander Gould

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  • Finding Nemo

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    The film I’ve chosen to analyze is the film Finding Nemo, an animated comedy-drama adventure film, directed by Andrew Shanton and Lee Unkrich. Major actors include; Alexander Gould as Nemo, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory and Albert Brooks as Marlin. The film was officially released in May 30th, 2003. This blockbuster film was nominated Best Animated Feature, also winning more than forty different awards. Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home to a dentist’s

  • Character Study Of Finding Dory

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    Just Keep Swimming: Character Study of Finding Dory The story “Finding Dory” is about self-determination. Dory, besides her problem of short-term memory, is serious to find her lost parents. No one can forget Dory’s motto of “Just keep swimming” when she was introduced in “Finding Nemo,” where she keeps encouraging Marlin (Albert Brooks), Nemo’s dad to keep going, no matter what the complications are! Thus, Dory has been viewed as a strong character of self-determination, who once makes up her mind

  • Finding Nema Research Paper

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    In my life I need a lot of courage to do the things I do every day, It takes a lot of courage to just come to school every Monday and take that test I know I am not ready for yet. Although I may need a lot of courage every day, one example really pops in my mind when I think of courage in my life. My dad, My brother and myself were all traveling to Utah for a snowboarding trip, and up there in Utah, it is a lot different than it is in Vermont or upstate New York which is where I normally go. I have

  • The Prolific Canadian Pianist : Glenn Gould

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    The prolific Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould, was immersed in music early on in his life. Even before Gould’s birth his mother, a musician herself, played him music during her pregnancy. When he was still an infant he was known to hum along to music and wiggle his fingers in apparent chord patterns, leading a doctor to say he would end up ”either a physician or a pianist”(Ostwald 40). When Glen was three his mother realized that he possessed tremendous musical talent, including absolute pitch as

  • Who Is Glenn Gould?

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    Glenn Gould was a Canadian pianist who was born on September 25, 1932 in Toronto, Canada. Gould was born to Russell Herbert Gold and Florence Emma Gold. His family’s surname was originally Gold but it was later changed to Gould to avoid being mistaken as Jewish. Glenn never had any Jewish background but he would always joke about it. When in his infant stage, Gould developed an interest for music. Before he was born his mother planned for him to be musically inclined by exposing him to music during

  • Alexander Conflict Model

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    idea debunked a Biblical passage, so I would try to battle the issue based on my faith. From class discussions and Denis R. Alexander’s paper Models for Relating Science and Religion, the model that I acquired in my mind was the conflict model. Alexander states that the conflict model

  • Reflection About Soulmate

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    they feel. If you don't find a soulmate by the age of 20 you are classified unmatchable and are just left single in society to never find a pair. The year is 2045 and our setting takes place in California. Here we have two teens, one 17 and one 18. Alexander Broom, all his friends call him alex. He is 18, he isn't really popular but he isn't a nobody either. He is pretty naive and confident. He is a dirty blonde, with greenish hazel eyes, he has a normal build. He’s usually seen wearing a jacket, a shirt

  • Biography of Alexander Perry Essay

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    (i) Table of Contents: Introduction – Biography.......................Page (1) Executive Summary..............................Page (2) Nature of Work.................................... Page (3) Training Background Work Inspiration Designers Work Overlap between Australian/International Counterparts References (ii) Introduction: Born in Sydney, Australia, Alex Perry is one of the world’s most renowned fashion

  • Lanark Research Paper

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    John's wife, a mother and grandmother to so many Lawsons passed away by 1842. The brothers Robert, Peter and Alex stayed on the same patch of land with father John heading the lot. Eventually Peter moved out just down the way once he got married and Alexander eventually married in 1861 to Rachel Taylor (b 1831, Scotland) and he too moved away but not far. John Sr. lived past his 86th year having farmed in Lanark for over 40 years. For Peter and Robert Lawson in 1870, their farms continued to provide,

  • The Doom Clock Chapter 2.

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    An old, blue Ford truck sped down a mountain trail. Trees of fiery leaves lined the dirt road. Alexander sat in the back seat of the car. In the front sat his mom, dark-haired and green-eyed, and his dad, wearing a faded jacket and a look of desperation. It was Sunday in November. Normally, Alexander would be at the park playing baseball with his friends or at the library. Today was different. "A family trip," his mom had told him. But something seemed odd. Maybe it was the way his parents were