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  • Analysis Of Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

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    Over the course of thousands of years there have been many different writers, while being unique and talented in their own way. Joyce Carol Oates, the author of “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”, is no exception. However, while writers may be talented and unique in their own way, the readers will have their own opinions about the stories. It is rare for a reader to read a story without having a critical outlook on a few of the stories elements. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”

  • Blanche is Responsible for her own Fate in a Street Car Named Desire

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    This essay will describe whether or not Blanches’ unfortunate eventual mental collapse was due to her being a victim of the society she went to seek comfort in, or if she was solely or at least partly responsible. The factors and issues that will be discussed include, Blanches’ deceitful behaviour and romantic delusions which may have lead to her eventual downfall, the role Stanley ended up playing with his relentless investigations of her past and the continuous revelations of it, the part society

  • Discuss How Veronica Is Portrayed and to What Extent the Writer Creates Sympathy for Her. Using Mathilde from ‘the Necklace’, Compare How the Sympathy We Feel for Them May Differ.

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    Veronica is a young but unique character who is carefully crafted in this story by Adewale - Maja Pearce who evokes emotions of sympathy towards her in a distinctive way; Veronica is not a woman who fits in with the stereotypical idea of a woman from the village, she does not seem to care that there is no hope for a better life or the future. This is perhaps the main reason why we as readers feel more sympathy towards Veronica as opposed to Mathilde in The Necklace; her almost inhuman ability to