Alexios I Komnenos

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  • Benefits Of The Crusades

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    The main goal of the First Crusade was just to assist Emperor Alexios and his struggling empire, as already discussed, the motives were a promised place in heaven and all sins forgiven. To many people it was just seen as a bonus that accompanied their dreams of fame and fortune, as at the time Europe was struggling

  • Major Events Of The First Crusade

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    launched (First Crusade). At first, the goals of the First Crusade were widespread. Christians of all backgrounds set out on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in order to strengthen their ties to tradition (The First Crusade). The Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos requested the help of Pope Urban II to repel invading Seljuk Turks from Eastern Anatolia, and return Byzantine land to Byzantine control (First Crusade). However, the goal which eventually dominated the others was the reconquest of the Holy

  • Why Do Christians Join The First Crusade?

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    In 1094 or 1095, Pope Urban responded to the emperor Alexios I Komnenos’ plea for help. At this time the Seljuq Turks had taken almost all of Asia Minor, and Alexios I Komnenos requested for aid from Pope Urban II. During the council of Clermont, Pope Urban II delivered a sermon addressing a large crowd urging them all to join in the fight against the Muslims for the recovery of the Holy Land. There are no exact records of this sermon, but five different accounts written by men who were present

  • The First Crusade

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    The First Crusade   A mass of men, numbering roughly 100,000, marched out of Europe and toward Jerusalem and were victorious against masses of Islamic armies. In July of 1099AD, Jerusalem would fall out of the hands of the Turks for the first time in centuries, and the First Crusade would also serve to frame the make-up of nobility across Europe and help shape the middle ages altogether. The view of the Crusades, like many major events of history, are often known without being truly understood

  • The First Crusade During The Crusades

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    he subject of the crusades is still a very controversial topic that spans across various time periods and has religious, social, and political implications. The first crusade started off as a widespread pilgrimage that ended as a military expedition resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem in 1099. The crusades initiated from a call from help from Alexius for the protection of Constantinople and the recovery of Anatolia. For centuries textbooks have repeated with routine regularity, that the immediate

  • The First Crusade Essay

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    organized by the papacy. They were mostly poor or peasants and were inadequately prepared. On their way to the East they terrorized the Balkans by looting and persecuting the Jews. Eventually, they reached Constantinople and were sent by the Emperor Alexius I to Asia Minor where they were slaughtered by the Seljuk Turks.      A papal supported Crusade was soon to follow. The soldiers for the first true Crusade were recruited from the warrior class of knights. By 1096, " an international

  • The Impact Of The First Crusades

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    The First Crusade, a time of strife, war, and bloodshed. The First Crusade was a war for the Holy Land. It was called into effect by Pope Umbar II in an attempt to reclaim the Holy Land from the Jews and to return it to Christianity and to assist in repelling the Turks. Pope Umbar II delivered a speech about how the people of God needed to join forces and fight for Jerusalem. The speech spoke of how this war would be in God's name, that those who participated would receive absolution from sin and

  • The Major Causes Of The Crusades

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    thirty-thousand Christians were massacred and the remaining Christians were mistreated. Christians were forbidden from making pilgrimages to the Holy City. The Turks then threatened to invade the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople. Byzantine Emperor Alexius I made a special appeal to Urban II for help. The idea that Europe could be united under one common enemy, and awakened the desire to save the Holy Land and Jerusalem from the Turks, and the hope for acquiring new territory in the East were all causes

  • Crusades Causes

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    Root of the crusades in November the pop presented a spell in France it was a call to princes, knights and Clarks to wedge the war of the Catholic Church. Tens and thousands of men and women family’s and cities has joined the pope urban’s crusade. Pope urban told people that the crusades is a ticket to heaven. Many of the people believed that the crusade is a spiritual war and going to clear their soul of sins, the religion is what drove them. The Pope’s sermon pushed Cristian’s teaching in his

  • What Caused the First Crusade, and was it a Success?

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    idea of the First Crusade was good against evil, in which the crusaders were on the good side and the Muslims and Jews on the evil side; after all they were the one who killed Jesus. The two main leaders that called for the First Crusade were Alexius I, emperor of the Byzantine