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  • Alfred Nobel And The Nobel Peace Prize

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    learning about Alfred Nobel, one learns that the products he invented were far from “peaceful” in some eyes. The Nobel Peace Prize was created because Nobel left in his will that his fortune was to be given as awards in the areas of: peace, chemistry, physiology, and literature. Alfred Nobel himself started with nothing and ended with a large fortune, and as for The Nobel Peace Prize, it has evolved over the last century into new ways no one saw occurring in the future. Alfred Nobel was born into

  • Alfred Nobel : A Man Of His Life

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    Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833. He was one of eight children, where he was the fourth of them all. Although he was often very sick as he was growing up, that did not stop him from learning about all of the wonders of life. He was quite a bright child who was very energetic and eager to learn. He had many accomplishments, such as his creation of dynamite and the Nobel Prize. He lived a long life, a life of heart problems, but he continued to live his life day by day

  • Alfred Nobel: The Man behind the Prize. Essays

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    Alfred Nobel: The Man behind the Prize. Alfred Nobel is known for starting the Nobel Prize. This prize is given every year to some of the greatest minds in the world who through their work, help to better society. In opposition to the improvement of society, is the fact that Nobel’s other known inventions brought much death and destruction to the world (Frost). This combination of inventions helps to pose the question who was Alfred Nobel, and why did Nobel create this prize to help the world. In

  • Alfred Nobel : The Good Or Evil Contribution To Death

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    and cold stare, you see that the last thought he or she had was of you, before death takes the last breathe. The death of your loved one is an unjustifiable death because we don't know what caused their death. In 1866, a swedish chemist named Mr. Alfred Nobel, invented and perfected an explosive detonator called dynamite! With the promise of building canals, drilling tunnels, blasting rocks and building railroads, more quickly, the inventor also put the lives of millions of people at risk on a global

  • A Presentation Of A Swedish Man By Alfred Nobel

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    A Swedish man by the name of Alfred Nobel, is credited for designing the Nobel Prizes. This former chemist, engineer, and inventor, known for being a technical genius, started giving these prizes in 1901. Alfred Nobel did this simply because he wanted to award and give back to those who had done their best to benefit mankind in either one of the six categories; physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, or economic science. Every year, on December 10th, there is a presentation speech on the

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Alfred Nobel 's Speech

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    In his commencement speech in regards to winning a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 alongside the International Panel for Climate Change, concerned Albert Gore addresses the exacerbation of global warming. Albert employs analogies, appeals to logos through cause and effect, metaphors, appeals to ethos through biblical references in his speech. Through the utilization of these rhetorical devices, Gore’s clear purpose is to convince the audience that in order to repair and simultaneously prevent the detrimental

  • Alfred Nobel Essay 2

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    Informative Speech: Alfred Nobel Speech 1100 What would you say if one morning you wake up, read by mistake your own obituary, and see what people think about you? How would you like to be called:” the merchant of death, who built a fortune, by discovering new ways to mutilate and kill, is dead”. This happened to Alfred Nobel. The story is that when Alfred Nobel’s brother died, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary of Alfred. When he read this, he remained pained all of his life

  • Alfred Nobel Major Accomplishments

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    Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist who was born on October 21, 1833, in Stockholm Sweden. He worked with his father in his arms factory; he was very experimental as a young man and went experimenting with chemistry including explosives. In 1864 an explosion occurred went killing his younger brother, this triggered him into inventing a safer more controlled explosive called the dynamite. Alfred Nobel held over 355 different patents for different inventions that made a great impacted still to this

  • The Dynamite

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    about an invention that caused both joy and misery? It’s an invention that affects our world until this day. This invention is the Dynamite. Let me first introduce you to the inventor of the dynamite. The dynamite was invented by Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1866. Let me now tell you how this dynamite affected the industrial era. It was created so it can be used in construction, mining and demolition. It was used to carve in the mountains in order to create railroads and

  • Nobel Prize Research Paper

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    Nobel Prize In this paper I am going to discuss the Nobel Prize. Firstly I will inform you of the history of the prize, secondly its origin, and how it is awarded today. After that I will discuss the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1901 Nobel Prize for Physics, and the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Alfred Nobel The Nobel Prize was named after a Swedish inventor and industrialist, Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833. He was born into