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  • Michael Jordan's Accomplishments And Career

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    ask ourselves, how has one individual accomplished so much and come so far from pretty much nothing. In this short “Maybe” video we find a lot of our questions have been answered. While watching this video, for the first time, I was blown away with all that he states. His main message to me was we must work hard every single day of our lives, if we want to have great and extraordinary success. Don’t make up excuses, just have the strength to become what you want to be. Succeed in life because you

  • Why Michael Jordan Is The Best NBA Player

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    Michael Jordan, or as the sports world calls him “MJ”, is the greatest NBA player of all-time, including legend-in-the-making LeBron James. Even though they are both excellent athletes, Jordan stands out on and off the court. Jordan exudes a greater drive for success. Michael Jordan is a better defender overall. His teammates weren’t as fundamentally sound as Lebron’s, meaning Jordan had to work even harder for his championships. Jordan is the best basketball player in history.     In addition to

  • The League 's Best Center For The Past Seasons

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    Night in and night out, Cousins produces at an All-Star caliber level. Unfortunately he hasn’t been recognized for immense talent due to the ineptitude of the franchise he plays for (yeah, I’m looking at you Sacramento). Last season was Cousins’ best, he finished the year with per game averages of 26.9 points (4th in the league), 11.5 rebounds (5th in the league), and 1.4 blocks. He capped of the season with his second consecutive All-NBA Second Team appearance. Cousins is a force on the offensive

  • Professional Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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    Sports players earning more money than more important professions. Athletes don’t deserve the immense amounts of money there raking in.They earn towering amount compared to; doctors, teachers, military, fireman, policeman and contributable jobs to the nation At the end of the day, there just entertainment for are eyes and ears, nothing more. A large distribution of money goes to professional athletes, this is problematic because it has allowed increased commercialization grants players limitless

  • The Importance Of The NBA

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    The NBA is one of the most entertaining sports known to man. The NBA consists of a lot of highlights, most of the highlights have nothing to do with actually playing basketball. The NBA provides various organizations to help the less fortunate, they also do a lot of camps and gatherings to make better players out of younger kids. Also, the NBA brings so many eye-catching aspects to the game, such as special uniforms for holidays, expensive tennis shoes and amazing in games moves only the best of

  • Best NBA Player

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    Wow, this 2016-17 NBA regular was tremendous for the NBA world. From LeBron becoming an explosive player again to Russel Westbrook having an amazing triple double run. In order for him to have surpassed the legend he need to tweak the team chemistry and player like a player who has a unique usage for a team. I just wonder what the locker room has to be like when Russ wins the game for his team along with getting season awards such as player of the week. I have so many wonders, but Russel Westbrooks

  • Thunder Games Impact Oklahoma City Essay

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    The Oklahomans have always been looking for a high profile team to represent basketball in their state, the Thunder organization has accomplished more than you can imagine by helping this city become what it is today. Today Oklahoma City has many fans that go to Thunder games and cheer on as they are kept at their toes in suspense for the next highlight reel. The Thunder has impacted Oklahoma City in many ways including, economy improvement, business profits, and promotes our entire state. The

  • Chicago Bulls Research Paper

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    Introduction The NBA today has some of the best players in the world. It is the most popular basketball league in the entire world. The teams are stacked with talent throughout the entire league. The talent has increased tremendously since past years. Throughout the NBA’s history there has been some great teams. Arguably, there hasn’t been a team better than the 95-96 Bulls. What I Know The 95-96 Chicago Bulls are arguably the best National Basketball Association team of all time. They hold many

  • The Characteristics Of Professional Basketball Athletes In The NBA

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    Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Jordan, are just a few of the brands that are promoted by these players. All great basketball players, NBA or not, are tall. Both current and past players all have a common trait of being tall. Lebron James 6’8, Kevin Durant 6’10, Jimmy Butler 6’6. All of these players have height, and the skills that come with it. Being tall in the NBA doesn't guarantee you are the best players, but it does give you a significant advantage. Lebron and Kevin both have championship

  • The Characteristics Of Basketball Athletes In The NBA

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    All great basketball players have skills, and a reason that makes them great. When people think of professional basketball players, the first word that usually comes to mind is “tall.” However, that is not always the case. There are many players that are under 6’3 - and while that may sound tall to us, it is short in the world of basketball. Surprisingly, some of the shorter players are known to be better on the court. And they're not just known for their height… many are known for the name brands