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  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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    Thump. Thump. Thump. The sound of inconsistent thumps downstairs had woken him. He had threw off his covers and slowly walked towards the bedroom door, the thumps getting louder and louder as he approached the door. “Mom? Dad? What are you guys doing?” He calls, as he gets to the top of the stairs. HIs feet made the old wooden staircase creak, that his great grandfather had built when he built the house years ago. Creaking sounds following him as he descended down the stairs. Thump. Thump. A smash

  • The Romantic Period : The Dark Alleyways Of The Modern Bourgeoisie

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    The Romantic Period Hidden in the dark alleyways of the modern bourgeoisie, a revolution was brewing. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, modern European culture began pulling away from conventional systems of rule enforced by feudal court predecessors. Corresponding to the rise of the middle class and the collapse of the aristocracy, the French Revolution was born. From the rubble, which had been produced by a years worth of sociopolitical upheaval, emerged an artistic movement that flourshised

  • Moravian Street Field Observation

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    The field observation took place on October 27th in the alleyway of Moravian Street, for 30 minutes starting at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was still shining and the alleyway of Moravian Street was still brightly lit, throughout the experiment. Weather through the entirety of the day was warm enough for civilians to walkabout with light clothing. Notes During the course of the field observation, generally, the alleyway had a medium level of foot traffic in the afternoon. One of the trends

  • Who Is Pierron Charles Street In A Turkish City With A Smoking Place

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    it would seem like the dusty, narrow alleyway lacks liveliness; The dynamic nature of the painting is shown through the brightly dressed people in the market with a closer look. The artist strives to show the audience a veil of boringness on an average street, but if they see past it, they can see the casual beauty of Turkish architecture and culture conveyed in the painting. The painting is in the point of view of someone looking down dusty, mundane alleyway maybe during the peak of traditional

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Black Man '

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    their son Timmy in the middle and the mother and father, Martha and John, on the outside. Suddenly Timmy heard a noise coming from an alleyway saying, “Timmy, come here!” This startled the young boy, but out of the dark shadows came a young girl saying, “Follow me Timmy! Let’s play a game.” Timmy, without hesitating, darted from his parents’ grasp and ran down the alleyway. John

  • The Myth Of The Werewolf

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    The Myth Of The Werewolf Assistant – Insert Photo The myths and lore of the werewolf ( had caught the imagination of not only the German public, but the whole of Europe during the medieval times. Such was the fear of this dreaded creature that people were burned at stake on mere suspicion of being a werewolf, much like the infamous witch hunts. It was the author, Johannes Fridericus Wolfeshusius (

  • The Drones: A Short Story

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    like mountains of devastation. Buildings, grey, dull and lifeless, lay still. A subtle wind caressed their faces, the breeze’s chorus a tune of sadness, whistling through the empty roads and alleyways. A faint rustle was lost in the dismal song, heartbroken and forlorn. Hidden in a dark, overshadowed alleyway, the wistful mountains shifted, groggily waking. Wrappers and squashed cans made way for a bright little face, silent and afraid in the heap. A frightened wail escaped the baby’s mouth, his

  • Chapter Summary: The Kite Runner

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    Amir wakes up and finds his breakfast waiting for him on the table and his clothes already ironed. Amir makes sure that he doesn't bump into Hassan because Amir doesn't want want to remember what happened in the alleyway and feel guilty. Then, Amir asks Baba if he has ever considered getting new servants and Baba becomes extremely angry. Amir realizes Baba's frustration and knows that he has driven a wedge between their good relationship. Later on that summer, Amir

  • Personal Narrative: It's Time To Murder An Innocent Victim

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    LOOK BABE, I’M SORRY ABOUT THIS MORNING, I WAS ALMOST LATE!” Again, no answer, so i checked everywhere. I found a note in our bedroom “Chad, i love you more than words can describe, but i need to talk to you about something. Please meet me in the alleyway by your office and 9 o'clock sharp.” Huh, that’s weird. Jenna’s been so busy with the wedding, i didn’t expect her to go off schedule like this, something’s not right, this is so unlike her. She was always dubious of my ideas. Never listened to me

  • A Time Machine : A Short Story

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    One sunny spring day, Rachel arrived home from a long day of school. As she set down her backpack, she casually walked to the kitchen to begin preparing a snack. When she was opening the cabinet door she saw an odd looking light coming from the kitchen window. She also heard a small bang and the neighbor’s dogs begin to bark. She thought to herself what the light and noise could have been. It was too bright to be headlights from the neighbor's car or really anything else. Rachel slowly approached