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  • Video Games : Violent Video Games : Cranium Warfare?

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    Video Games: Cranium Warfare Video games have been in children’s lives so much that they are almost second nature to them, and they are very comfortable playing them. In November 2010, the Supreme Court in California held a vigorous debate on whether children should be allowed to play violent video games, and to what extent it may increase their aggressive behavior. At times, parents can be shocked from all the violence and aggression they suddenly see in the video games. Some people say that these

  • Reality Is Broken Summary

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    REALITY IS BROKEN | WHY GAMES MAKE US BETTER AND HOW THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD | JANE MCGONIGAL | Summary Zhang Huijing Fashion Marketing English 2nd Year We always regard “GAMES” as “pastimes”, but in reality the functions of games are more than that. First Part_ Introduction: Reality is broken Games have had enough of reality. You are one of gamers or you definitely know some of them. Who are the gamers? From different professions, ages of people could be the gamers. They play

  • Analysis Of Bullet In The Brain

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    the hostages, Anders tells the woman, “‘Great script, eh?’” (In Text Cite). This line shows an inappropriate response to the threat presented. Normal individuals would panic at the sight of a gun, but Anders seems to think the robbery is a joke or a game. Anders also

  • Virtual Reality ( Vr )

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    my hands held a bow and arrow and I began to shoot countless enemies to defend a kingdom from certain ruin. I was now a part of something that what was once fantasy and now only possible in this alternate world. These digital universes are now possible thanks to the recent introduction of Virtual Reality (VR), a piece of tech that allows the user to enter digitally created realms. The technology consists of a headset (that a user would place on their head), which covers one’s face and sight with

  • Video Games And Its Effects

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    Video Games 2 Everyone has their outlet, whether it’s reading, working out, or just hanging out with a friend for a bit; life is crazy and having a way to let out stress is a healthy way of living. Although this is true, one outlet of stress that is becoming larger and larger throughout the years is video games. It was an obvious theme throughout Ready Player One that the world they were living in was so corrupt, that an alternate world was a better option to live in than reality. The world we

  • The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Reality Games

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    Virtual Reality games are the new emerging type of video games. It is the digital simulation of the game era before video games existed; as for it is trying to recreate the illusion of actually being part of the game instead of playing it on a flat monitor. A broad definition of Virtual Reality according to Steven LaValle is “Inducing targeted behavior in an organism by using artificial sensory stimulation, while the organism has little or no awareness of the interference.” ( LaValle, 1). He states

  • How Can Video Games Be Helpful

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    Now that I have presented video games and what they are I would want to move on to the most important part of this essay, in my opinion. How can Video Games Be Helpful 1.People who play action-based games make accurate decisions 25% faster. Scientists from the University of Rochester tell us that fast-paced games require quick thinking and also very good reaction time. That being said, casual gamers have a better sense of what is happening around them at any given

  • Psychedelia Research Paper

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    guitar elements. Likewise, psychedelic games are full of psychedelic artwork. In this post, we have made the list of the top 5 psychedelic games on Nintendo NES. Nintendo NES Psychedelic Games: Kid Icarus Full of disturbing images and pulsating sound effects, Kid Icarus is a classic example of a psychedelic game. In the game, one may spot all kinds of acidic green, hot pink, and bright blue colors. Kid Icarus Game on Nintendo NES Nintendo NES Psychedelic Games: Kirby's Adventure Kirby's Adventure

  • Virtual Reality And Its Effects On The Future

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    of these extraordinary breakthroughs has been Virtual Reality. Gaming companies across our vast world have been working restlessly for many years to achieve what was once thought impossible. Working towards finally being able to place someone in a world where anything and everything is purely circumstantial and subject to change. The potential of virtual reality is limitless; it could quite possibly change everything we know. Virtual reality could provide new approaches to cure a multitude of mental

  • Nethergrave Short Story

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    advanced technology trade in their lives for an alternate worlds, despite the fact that one world offers a new life while the other jeopardizes a life. Comparatively, both “Nethergrave” and “A Sound of Thunder” flaunt impressive technology that is surely futuristic. In “A Sound of Thunder”, Eckels travels to the Jurassic period to hunt dinosaurs using a time machine! Nevertheless, Jeremy also leaps into a new world as a jaguar avatar in the online video game! Eckels and Jeremy’s carefree spirit and frivolous