Alternative Investment Market

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  • Art As An Alternative Investment : Returns, Risks And Correlation With Financial Market

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    2.2 Art as an Alternative Investment: Returns, Risks and Correlation with Financial Market 2.2.1 Return Rate and Risk Based on art market indices, attention has been drawn to investigate the risk-return rate of art investment and the correlation between the art market and other markets in the academic field. Some representative researches on return rate and risk of artwork investment were considered to be the starting point of growing interest in art investment among academics. Goetzmann (1993)

  • Descriptive Essay On The Wrecking Ball

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    The Wrecking Ball The crowd screamed and surged as they looked up at the gleaming escalator. He descended proudly, nodding approvingly at their expectant and trusting faces. All of their dreams and hopes came down with him, reaching the high point as he stepped off at the very bottom. Over in the expansive ballroom, just beneath the majestic chandelier, hang his best surprise yet. The wrecking ball swayed slowly and gently, waiting to pick up some speed. He knew it was right there, but for now

  • Merrill Finch Inc. Case Study

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    been assigned the task of investing $100,000 for a client. The investment alternatives have been restricted to five options: T-Bills, High Tech, Collections, U.S. Rubber, Market portfolio, and a 2-Stock portfolio. The economic forecasting staff for Merrill Finch developed probability estimates for the state of the economy, and the security analysts have developed software to estimate the rate of return on each of these alternatives under each state of the economy. A chart showing the results of

  • Forever 21 Case

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    As an increasing in pedestrian activity in CBD retail sector that mentioned in the former section, with fashion and luxury market, Brisbane is of the attractive destinations for investment. The local and foreign retailers have set their sights on Brisbane’s inner-city areas of Edward Street and the Queen Street Mall precinct. Edward Street is emerging as a favoured luxury shopping destination with the arrival of international brands Burberry and Bvlgari. Forever 21 opened its first Australian store

  • Marketing At The Vanguard Group Essay

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    Marketing at the Vanguard Group In light of an evolving market, faced with new competitors, and after a careful analysis of their current customers, the Vanguard Group (hereinafter referred to as “Vanguard”) realizes it must rethink its entire marketing strategy. However, in order to protect and leverage their competitive advantage, which is their low management fees, and to optimize the loyalty that their customers continuously demonstrate toward their organization, they must now target the most

  • Analyst Case Study : Oaktree Capital Group And Apollo Global Management

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    Analyst Case Study Investment Thesis Oaktree Capital Group and Apollo Global Management are large players in the alternative asset management space that both offer attractive investment strategies. Apollo has a broader scale and scope than Oaktree, and offers a wider range of private equity products. While these features may be more attractive to investors, both firms offer unique investment strategies in the distressed investments space. Thus, either firm may offer a private equity product that

  • Green Works Executive Summary

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    product with a majority market share but unimpressive returns, or should we stop, thus sacrificing our desirable position in a market with massive growth potential? Strategic Alternative One: Market Green Works extensively. Relevant Facts: 53% of consumers expressed desire to switch to eco-friendly products as of 2007. In today’s more environmentally conscious culture, that number has probably increased. A year after launch, Green Works had the largest share of the eco-friendly market (42%) due to the

  • Corporate Finance Ross Mini Case 8Ed

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    incremental cash flow to the firm. Consequently, it is really an internal allocation and should not be considered in the valuation of either project. Alternative A calculations: Initial 0 1 2 3 4 5 Investment -185,000 Cost savings 82,000 82,000 64,000 53,000 37,000

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sukuk Bonds

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    owns 50% equities of the East Cameron. However, Macquarie soon intends to withdraw its investment in the business, initiating Campbell Evans (CEO of East Cameron Partners LP) to look for other alternative options to regain full control of the business. With high demands and increasing prices of oil and gas, Evans wants to take these advantages in gaining finances to buy out Macquarie and diversify its investment portfolio (Sapp, 2010, p. 1). The proposed sukuk bonds compels high interests on the part

  • Building A Real Estate Market

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    land and people will always need a place to live. Combining these two certainties with historic low interest rates and home values that have been appreciating in many parts of the country make investing in real estate an attractive alternative to traditional investments. Good credit and a little cash or leverage are all that is needed to become a real estate investor. Some investors look for short-term gains in real estate by flipping rundown houses. Cash is needed in order to make the renovations