Althaea officinalis

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  • Characteristics Of Blood Oranges : Summary : Blood Oranges

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    Mystery Basket #5 Blood Orange, a deep red color, made from a pigment called anthocyanin. The pigment isn’t normally found in citrus fruit, it is most commonly found in flowers or cherries. The exterior of the blood orange also has a slight red look to it also from the pigment. The orange originates from Sicily and parts of Spain but now grows heavily in California where it is picked and harvested. These oranges are smaller than normal oranges with a thin skin and few seeds. Blood oranges are typically

  • Marshmallows Research Paper

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    Marshmallows are sweet treat, but do you really know what happens when they heated up? The marshmallow was originally made up from the plant called Althaea officinalis. It was sometimes mixed with sugars or other ingredients. The modern campfire marshmallow that we will be using in our experiment is made up of corn syrup, starch, sugar, gelatin, and water, which are very normal ingredients and in this paper we will explain how they react to differing heat sources. First, we will measure the marshmallows

  • Weedy Mallow: Species Of North America

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    introduced species that inhabits most of Northern America.  It can be found growing widely in California. All are from the family Malvaceae, which includes several desirable plants, such as cotton, hibiscus, and okra.  One species of this family (Althaea officinalis) is the original ingredient used to make marshmallows.  That species is not found in California and although some of the wild mallow species can be eaten, mallows are less than desirable when found growing in crop fields, orchards, lawns,