American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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  • Causes of Psychological Trauma and Its Effects on Young Arab Americans Post 9/11

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    to the report of FBI(2000), the number of anti-islamic hate crime incidents prior the terrorist attacks were 28. In the immediate year after 9/11, 481 incidents were reported against the Muslims and Arabs(FBI 2002). The hate crime statistics of FBI conforms a staggering increase of 1617 percent in such a short period of time. The Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reported that over 700 violent incidents were ruthlessly targeted against Arab Americans within the first 9 weeks after the 9/11(Ibish

  • Attitudes Towards Arab Americans

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    toward Arab-Americans after 9/11 Arab-Americans were as shocked as everyone else on 9/11 because they didn't know who or what was responsible for the attack on the United States. Immediately after the attacks of September 11, 2001, discrimination was much more prevalent for Arabs living in the United States. Their lives were being threatened and the Arab- American community was being looked at negatively. The health of Arab-Americans started to decline after the attacks. Arab- Americans were

  • Terrorism and Racial Profiling Essay

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    had almost succeeded in eliminating racial profiling, After September 11, it's a whole new world," says Michel Shehadeh of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in the western region. "One thousand Arab Americans have already been detained and we don't know who they are or what charges have been brought against them." Of those 1,147 Arabs and Arab Americans who have been detained, exactly zero have been charged with any formal offense in connection to the events of September 11. This

  • Examples Of False Stereotypes Of Islam

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    assume that because the Islamic prophet Muhammad is Arab, that all or most Muslims are Arab. This is however not true. Arab and Muslim are not synonymous. This perception comes from false stereotypes of the religion and people. Islam was first created in the Arabian Desert, now know as Saudi Arabia, and its first practitioners were Arab. This is a key factor as to why people believe this. According to the American- Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Arab is an ethnicity of a person who is united by culture

  • Impact Of Discrimination On Arab Americans

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    Jonathan Adams Professor Jed Murr B CUSP 174 A: American Lives 16 June 2015 The Impacts of discrimination on Arab Americans in work place and education. The United States history is the history of immigrants. People from different countries came to the US for different reasons. Some came for political or religious freedom. Others came for economic status. Among those were Arabs. What is an Arab? What is an Arab American? Are these terms subject to negative treatment by others? What is it

  • Muslims In Films

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    other passengers felt uncomfortable and frightened by their appearance and the clothes they worn (traditional Indian and Arab clothing) because of its similarity to the terrorist outfit in Hollywood movies. Due to this, they were forced to postpone their departure and book a ticket for the next flight. Feeling discriminated, the men reported the incident to Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group in Washington, D.C, and claimed

  • Disney´s Aladdin: Negative Sterotypes of Arabs

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    Exploitation of Arabs seems to be a very popular subject in many western pop cultural artifacts. Even when it comes to children’s movies exploitation of eastern cultures often still exist. The children’s Disney movie Aladdin may not be so innocent after all, this movie portrays negative stereotype on Arabs. (Wingfield & Karaman, 1995) This children’s movie discriminates Arabs as violent, poor, and thefts. Through images, scenes, and even songs this movie portrays racism towards Arabs. The most controversial

  • Argumentative Essay On Racial Profiling

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    or national origin (Racial Profliling: Definition 2). Racism spreads throughout all dimensions of life in American society; therefore, the history of racial profiling is extensive, but it was at an all-time high after the September 11th attacks (Persistence of racial and ethnic profiling in the United States: a follow-up report to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 10). It can be used in both positive and negative aspects, but is mostly used negatively. Racial profiling

  • American Middle Eastern Minority

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    American Middle Eastern Minority One of the least known minority groups in the United States is the Middle Eastern minority. Although the place of Middle Easterners became the forefront of public discussions recently, especially with relation to Islam and terrorism after 9/11, Middle Easterners in the United States have a long history. They have become part of the American society, and many second- and third generation Americans with Middle Eastern background have become publicly recognizable

  • Racial Profiling People of Middle Eastern Descent Essay

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    The issue of discrimination has been one that has been with our country for years. It became an issue again with the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. It is known that people of Arab decent were behind the attack. Because of that, a huge issue of racial profiling has come up as people look at all people of that decent as evil terrorists. Most of these people have been living in the United States all their lives, and have done nothing to warrant the accusations. The