American architectural styles

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  • The Era Of The Industrial Revolution

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    architecture started to form. Each type of revival style was associated with a specific architect, for instance, A.W.N. Pugin was England’s leading Gothic revivalist. The revivals of the ancient architecture influenced the architectural designs of many architects of the time. Two of the most noted architects in the nineteenth century who were influenced by the architectural revivals were: Richard Morris Hunt, the leading architect to the Beaux Art style; and Henry Hobson Richardson, the father of the

  • Gothic Style and Its Influence on Modern Day Concept Arts Essay

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    2012/2013 GKA 2043 Research Methodology Title: The Study of Gothic Style and Its Influence on Modern Day Concept Arts Introduction: Gothic art flourished from the 12th century to the 16th century in Europe in response of the Byzantine and Romanesque tradition. Although Gothic is associated with arts, its most prominent use is in architecture, mainly for its pointed arch and flying buttress. To this day, the Gothic style is taken as a ‘label’ for visual arts such as concept art designs, yet

  • The Differences Between Prairie Style Architecture And Hi-Tech Architecture

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    be discussing and contrasting the differences between Prairie Style architecture and Hi-tech architecture. We will go over the origin, the years it was used, the main components and characteristics, some of the architects that used these design types, a few real=-world examples, and we will compare them. Prairie School was a late 19th- and early 20th-century architectural style, most common to the Midwestern United States. The style is usually marked by horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with

  • The Gothic Cathedral In Northern Europe

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    decoration and religious contexts in your analysis. Thesis statement Gothic is an influential architectural style in European history from 1140 to late 1300s, which originated in France and was later introduced to other areas of northern Europe. Although Gothic

  • Development Of Hybrid Colonial Architecture

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    Colonial architecture is a combination architectural style of a country that has been adapted from the other countries characteristics, methods and influences. The colonists built settlements and create hybrid designs that include their countries of origin with the design styles. Europeans came to Southeast Asia during 16th century. The colonial vision was effectively imposed

  • Neoclassical Architecture

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    Royal Observatory, and The Royal Chelsea Hospital. Large-scale structures, Ionic pillars, and huge Renaissance-style noodles represent the Neoclassical architecture. Many took inspirations from simple shapes like spheres, cubes, and cylinders so they could provide a more abstract classicism. Two well-known architects of the neoclassical period were the British architect Robert Adam and American architect Thomas Jefferson. The British architect Robert Adam was one of the most important architects that

  • How Does Photography Affect The World

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    it is also one of the most outstanding factors to affect different countries with architectural style. The first thing that photo affect us is the cultural identity and personal characteristics, people nowadays are gradually losing their personal identity along with the development of photography. Secondly, through the spread of pictures around the world, it would be entirely possible for a certain architecture style to appear simultaneously in two

  • Christopher Abacan Research Paper

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    More specifically, the difference between American and Japanese architecture. Hey, this isn’t as boring as it sounds. This is Christopher Abacan presenting here! If any of you have ever sat through one of my presentations, you’ll know it’ll be hilarious. This, my friends, will (probably) be fun. Body: For the sake of simplicity, I’ll only be talking about the most recent trends in architecture at their respective cultures. Going into general architectural styles in the two nations would be impossible

  • Gothic Architecture Style

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    Introduction The Gothic revival and Italianate are two architectural style which both appear in Europe first and spread to south Australian during the early colonial and Victorian era. The gothic revival style was point out by the emergence Gothic Revival movement happened in England at 19th century, and then the popularity of this kind of style rise rapidly. The basic theory of this style is associated with the philosophical movements. It aimed to re-awake the sense of high church and against

  • Gothic Revival Essay

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    it also shapes the community’s place in history. During the 19th century, Gothic Revival became a rapidly growing architectural movement. The Gothic Revival styles sought to revive medieval Gothic architecture, in contrast to the neoclassical styles prevalent at the time. A new group of architects began popularizing picturesque styles and started taking inspiration from nature. A style was built more honestly using natures own colors and materials, blending the architecture harmoniously into its surrounding