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  • The American Dental Association Essay

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    Regardless of your political stance, dental care is a service that all people should have access to, privately, or publicly. In the United States alone, millions of Native Americans on reservations are stifled from receiving the much needed dental care they require, the consequences are harmful to their health and prosperity. Tribal sovereignty is defined as the right for an independent tribal authority to govern its members. In regards to dental care, this is the right to train, license, and employ

  • Marketing Mix For The American Dental Association

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    According to the American Dental Association, there are at least 34 other options for toothbrush brands on the market (ADA). Our manual toothbrushes are made of high-quality plastic and synthetic nylon bristles. They come in a standard adult size of approximately 7 inches and are available in a wide variety of colors. They feature a contoured handle for easy grip and the bristles come in soft, extra soft, or medium. Using this information we know to be true about our product, and information we learn

  • Dentist Research Paper

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    by generation to generation dental care will grow. People will be more likely to keep their teeth better than the past generations, therefore; dental care will be needed more and more in the years to come. As of now, dental job opportunities are so high that dentists and dental hygienists can have their first job picks. The salary outlook for dentists is expected to be high, anywhere from $141,000-$166,000. The American Dental Association, ADA, is a professional dental organization that was founded

  • Oral Health Promotion For Health

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    normally occur, but many Americans do not have good oral health. According to the American Dental Association, your mouth is the window to your overall health (Oral Health, n.d.). Healthy People 2020 emphasis oral health in objective OH- 14. This objective is to increase the proportion of adults who receive preventive interventions in dental offices (Beall, 2011, p.15). This objective also includes three subcomponents of which two will be discussed. According to the American Dental Association’s Health

  • Evidence Based Decision Making ( Ebdm )

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    appearance and improved strength of the material (Hatrick et al., 2010). Today, the dental materials industry continues to evolve and has made tremendous gains on improving the mechanical properties of resin composite. Due to quality improvement of the material, Class I and Class II restorations are done using this material. (Alcaraz et al., 2014). In a 2013, article published in the Journal of The American Dental Association (JADA), authors discusses factors influencing the longevity of amalgam and resin

  • The Importance Of Dental Hygiene

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    teeth affects about 68 percent of adolescents” (Owings). The majority of the popular does not know about the detrimental effects that the lack of proper dental hygiene can cause. Most people do not know how to properly brush their teeth and floss and how often to do so. According to the American Dental Association, “in 2013, less than 31% of Americans floss daily, and nearly 19% do not floss at all” (Everett 1). It is essential for people to brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing excessively leads

  • I Want To Be A Dentist

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    beautiful. The agonizing journey that led me to Dr. Guindi confirmed my career choice because I want to be a dentist that can provide patients with that feeling of beauty and self-acceptance regardless of the challenges. Although dealing with my dental history was an obstacle, this is not the only challenging experience in my life. Throughout my college career, I was able to tutor grade school students. Most students were eager to learn. However, I found it tough to work with students that did not

  • What Do I Do Now? New Graduates

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    of your career- what do I do now ? New graduates have many options available to them: • Practice Ownership • Associate in a small/Solo Practice • Associate in a large Group Practice • Public Health • Specialization • ‘Corporate’ Dentistry As the dental industry in America continues to thrive, employment prospects for new graduates are looking better than ever. The Department of Labor projects an increase of 16% in the number of dentists by 2022, with an average median annual salary of around $150

  • Essay on Dental Amalgam

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    Dental Amalgam Amalgam dental restorations which are also known as silver fillings are the number one choice for restoring teeth. These silver fillings have been used for over a hundred years to fill in cavities where there has been tooth decay. The question many have is “what is dental amalgam?” Dental amalgam is a mixture of materials containing powdered alloy, metals and mercury. There have been some concerns, however about the safety of this mercury containing filling material. “Amalgam is

  • The Effects Of Radiation Exposure On Medical Radiation

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    Although there are recommendations and guidelines they are modified by criteria where the patient is at high risk for dental caries(9). How to minimize dose Dental X-rays accounts for about 2.5 percent of the effective dose from all forms of medical radiographs (75). As previously discussed, dental radiation exposure is low; but, it is the dentists’ responsibility to follow the guidelines such as ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) and ALADA (As Low as