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  • American Idol Essay

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    American Idol “That rendition was impressive, but you do not look like an American Idol; however, we will give you one more chance. Welcome to Hollywood!” A person with a mediocre voice that is not stunningly attractive would have a harder time advancing to Hollywood on American Idol. As the judges say, an American Idol should be a distinct person with an exceptionally fantastic voice. Culture is the training or refining of intellectual faculties and the way of life for a particular people. My

  • American Idol Case Study

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    Case Analysis Week 1 American Idol Case Mostafa Morshedi MKT 645 Qualitative Research in Customer Behavior California Intercontinental University Date: 11/18/2012 American Idol Case To perform a prefect marketing research, it is needed to identify and define the marketing research problem accurately and then develop a proper approach. The American Idol case is a challenging management decision and marketing research problem case, focusing on reasons why to conduct a study on the viewers

  • American Idol Research Paper

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    On June 11, 2002, the world watched as a new leader in the genre of reality TV was born. American Idol was something fresh and exciting, the opportunity of a lifetime for many. On American Idol, contestants from all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds auditioned for a chance to “Go to Hollywood!” This audition would not be a small feat though; they were up against serious talent from across the country and around the world and critiqued by music industry savvy, seriously sarcastic judges like Simon

  • How Has American Idol Impacted My Life

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    them, and how it had a great impact on their lives. Many characteristics of my life has shaped my character and how I live my life. There were three major events that occurred in my lifetime that had a great impact on my life: Moving to Japan, American Idol, and having a grandfather that was a preacher. Growing up I had a pretty normal childhood, that is if you count living in Japan as normal. Growing up my dad was the Air Force, and in 2003 he got stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Not only did my father

  • Nfl Vs American Idol

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    the six months of downtime with other activities. You can only practice football so much without playing an actual NFL game so here are some suggestions for NFL players during the potentially cancelled 2011 season. Try out for American Idol: The Super Bowl and American Idol are two of the most watched shows on television and with the potential canceling of the Super Bowl, why not add some of the NFL's biggest stars to the biggest reality show in the USA? Imagine watching Peyton Manning rocking out

  • American Idol Case

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    Case 2.1 American Idol: A Big Hit for Marketing Research? 1. What steps of the six-step marketing research process are evident in this case? According to Case 2.1. The steps are: a) Problem Definition.- The definition of the problem presented when Marcello & Litzenberger analyze that professionals resistance to pursing marketing research. b) Only Mentioned Development of an Approach to the Problem.- This step occurs when they identify the information that they needed to make

  • Simon Cowell's Legacy

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    paper’s purpose is to prove that Simon Cowell is indeed leaving a legacy. Cowell is well known for his brutally honest personality and bringing many contestants to tears after auditioning for him as well as partnering up and creating American Idol, and Pop Idol. Cowell struggled throughout most of his early career before getting the reputation he has now. From the very beginning Cowell has proved he’s different, and that continues to be true whilst comparing Cowell to other judges on other shows

  • WorkPlay is Helping Musician's Dreams Come True

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    to each of the top ten musicians having a song recorded live and played on Birmingham Mountain Radio. The contest would run in a similar fashion to American Idol. The audience members would pick up a ballot at the box office and vote on each musician on a scale of 1-10. There were nights that musicians would not stop playing until 11:30pm. American Idol contestant, Jessica Muese, won the competition, which ended in August 2013. Ellis Hopkins, the man in charge, announced at the final show that there

  • Television Programs : American Idol

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    One of the most influential television programs was American Idol. When it first came out, people were mesmerized by the new program. Local news outlets that would come on after the show would discuss the results of the show on-air, people would call in after the show to participate in the voting process. When it first came out, my family and I were hooked on American Idol. The television program, American Idol, and its appeal to consumers and advertisers is the relationship that’s studied in Chapter

  • The Voice Vs American Idol

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    American Idol vs The Voice Throughout the years, there have been many competitions. My top two favorite shows are American Idol and The Voice. Although they are practically the same, including the style of competitiveness, they have numerous differences. There major differences and similarities are judging, auditions, and performing. I grew up watching American Idol, loving their process in everything. There are many who argue whether they love one show more than the other and vice versa, but it