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  • The Novel ' American Pastoral ' By Philip Roth

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    A novelist incorporates three crucial elements when writing a novel. The first element is the ability for the author to draw from his or her own experiences. A novelist will paint an issue, usually political or social, on the canvas of the pages in the book. He or she draw from experiences, what they remember from the event taking place, locations, dates, and use a splash of fiction to blend the perfect color for the novel. The author will mainly stick to the color-coated facts to give the reader

  • The Brothers K : An American Novel Of Family And Forgiveness

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    The Brothers K: An American Novel of Family and Forgiveness David James Duncan’s American novel The Brothers K traces the lives of six siblings growing up and the hardships with which they each struggle. But more importantly, it expresses the adversity the family faces as a whole and how, despite their differences in spirituality, thinking, and desires, they eventually come together to overcome those difficulties and move forward in life. While Kincaid (whom we learn least about) mainly narrates

  • Mexican Immigrants And Their Mexican American Children Within The Novel Pocho By Jose Antonio Villareal

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    Mexican immigrants and their Mexican American children within the novel Pocho by Jose Antonio Villareal. This short novel focuses on the Rubio family. Though the text begins with Juan Rubio as the protagonist, early on, there is a shift and the only son, Richard Rubio becomes the protagonist. The setting of the novel is the early 20th century. The events at the beginning of the novel take place in Mexico just after the end of the Mexican Revolution. The novel then shifts to Santa Clara, California

  • Gish Jen’s novel Typical American Essay

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    Gish Jen’s novel Typical American A mother drives her three kids to soccer practice in a Ford minivan while her husband stays at the office, rushing to finish a report. Meanwhile, a young woman prays her son makes his way home from the local grocery without getting held up at knife point by the local gang. Nearby, an immigrant finishes another 14-hour shift at the auto parts factory, trying to provide for his wife and child, struggling to make way in a new land. Later, a city girl hails a cab

  • The Great American Indian Novel By Sherman Alexie

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    simultaneously, exploiting them as individuals. In the novel “How to Write the Great American Indian Novel”, Sherman Alexie admonishes against toxic stereotypes held by white people against native people thus, showing hegemonic structures of them. This is because the dominance of white culture exploits people of other culture, race, identity and gender to acculturate to the white norms. The novels junctions are informed through a lens of an American Indian to awake the ignorance on stereotypical views

  • In Their Novels, Many African American Writers Examine

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    In their novels, many African American writers examine the conditions African American men and women live in as well as the choices they make as a result of their environment. In Native Son by Richard Wright, Bigger lives in an impoverished community and survives by committing robbery along with his friends. When Bigger gets, a job working for a rich white family, he accidentally murders his employer’s daughter and tries to cover his tracks. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison tells the story of a black

  • Banning Fictional Novels In 'All American Boys'

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    broader perspective and can teach us more about our society. The idea of banning fictional novels is a very foolish idea. These novels do more good than they do harm and are beneficial for our curriculum and learning. Taking away this literature will not benefit our learning and will only harm our learning. “Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.’’ said G.K. Chesterton. The novel “All American Boys” is a fictional story written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. This story is about

  • Analysis Of The Novel ' American Psycho ' By Bret Easton Ellis

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    In the novel “American Psycho” written by Bret Easton Ellis, the protagonist Patrick Bateman uses his wealth and violence which are exemplified in scenes involving the murder of his ex-girlfriend Bethany. As well as appealing to the idea to maintain his image by any means such as purchasing expensive merchandises and taking the initiative to attend upscale restaurants. His actions with the implications of those elements reveal the consumptions of status and privilege. The detailed narration of Bateman’s

  • Democracy : An American Novel

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    A work of fiction, Democracy: An American Novel, is a novel in which Henry Adams skillfully addresses many social commentaries through satire and interesting characters. This novel can simply be described as a political love story. The main character, Mrs. Madeline Lightfoot Lee, originally leads her life as a “private philanthropist, amateur philosopher, and socialite” in New York (Adams v). After her husband and child died she lost her “taste for New York society” and everything that was in it

  • Essay about American Psycho: Analysis of Novel and Movie Production

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    American Psycho: Analysis of Novel and Movie Production American Psycho has been recognized as a brilliant thriller of its time and can legitimately be labeled a scandalous novel. The novel was published in 1991 by the daring author Bret Easton Ellis and was later adapted into a movie production in 2000 by the director Mary Harron. The novel endured nasty criticism to the point of rousing riots and the boycott of the publishing company, Simon & Schuster; who later dropped the publication of