American Old West

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  • The American Old West: Myth Versus Reality

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    2011 The American Old West: Myth versus Reality Western, a genre of short stories that are set in the American west, primarily in the late of the 19th century (“Western” 598), and still being told until today by films, televisions, radio, and other art works. The major of moving to the west was because of the Homestead Act, 1862 (“U.S. Statues at Large” 392) which would give lands to people who stayed there for five years. This lead to a huge wave of immigrants moved to the West, and they

  • American Idols of the Old West: Cowboys

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    Cowboys are the American idol of the “Old West” pictured as silhouette riding out over the prairie on their horse with the sunset ahead of them. They are what shaped the entire cattle raising industry in America. A study of the cowboy way of life helps us to discover the hardships they faced and the experiences that every cowboy has witnessed. The cowboy is usually pictured as a full grown man working hard in a pasture or in a set of pins but in reality, cowboys started off at ages as early as 7

  • Violence In The Movie : Cowboys And Aliens

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    The American West is one of the most fascinating times in history and was represented in many films in TV shows. The movie that I chose for this essay was called “Cowboys & Aliens” filmed in 2011. This movie was unique because it gave both a science fiction and realistic plot. It represented both myths and legends by showcasing Aliens which is considered futuristic while depicting the lifestyle of the average cowboy. This movie does a great job portraying what most people would think the Midwest

  • Compare And Contrast Hollywood Vs The Wild West

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    VS The Wild West The Wild West is one of the most famous time periods in American history. Spanning from post Civil War to the early 1900’s, the West was plagued by outlaws, deadly diseases, and harsh weather. The grim reality of the Old West is often overlooked, due to Hollywood’s portrayal of it. Many movies about the West are generally over dramatic; sending the message that shootouts happened everyday at high noon and other over the top conceptions. The reality of the “Wild West”, America in

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild West : The Mythical Cowboy And Social Theory ``

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    Old western movies are the dominant delineate style of American movies, they are a wistful tribute to the previous years of the wide-ranging, barbaric western frontier. The western landscape and nature play an important role in the development of key aspects in the films, such as the setting and relationships between the characters. These aspects are how the setting is created, the shaping of the plot, and how the movie molds the human experiences and social relationships. Many historians like Richard

  • The Racial Ignorance Of The Old West History In Hollywood

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    The Racial Ignorance of the Old West History in Hollywood Movies Hollywood portrays the Old West as tumbleweeds blowing in the wind, cowboys with their horses and guns shooting across the ranges. It was a time depicting freedom with a new beginning to every man’s story. It was also a time of obscurity illustrating violence, shoot outs and bank robberies. Wild West movies such as Tomahawk (1951), The Searchers (1956) and the Iron Horse (1924) are iconic films to America and the Hollywood’s film

  • History 3260 MIDTERM PART ONE Essay

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    a unique entity that worked to shape its own future. Robbins and Malone both describe how the west, and by a large extent Utah is a part of the great narrative of the American West and sometimes differing from it entirely. By exploring the different facets and predominant activities of 1850's and beyond we can find clues as to the origins and ultimate fate of the region . By exploring Western American capitalism, various functions of manifest destiny, and how settlers adhered to the frontier pioneer

  • The Wild West: an Analysis of Post-Civil War Tension in John Ford’s “My Darling Clementine”

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    Darling Clementine.” What is Ford trying to say about the relation to the civilized East to the unsettled West. (Clementine vs. Chihuahua is relevant here.) The Wild West: An Analysis of Post-Civil War Tension in John Ford’s “My Darling Clementine” Following the end of the United States’ Civil War, new territories had becomes states, notably what is now known as the West. The West, iconized by its Cowboys, gunfights, and horses in the years that followed the Civil War, made its way to

  • The Wild West Of America

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    THE WILD WEST OF AMERICA The Wild West of America, or what historian referred to as the Old West, since the 1800’s men and women all wanted to move to the west to start a new life, have land, find gold and silver ,and to escape the law hence the Wild West. The West of the U.S. started off from the west of the Mississippi all the way to the west coast. With all the open land and the people in the west, legends and stories are being made throughout time, and these stories are for the future generation

  • Billy The Kid Short Story

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    The Death of Billy the Kid In the period time from 1865- 1890, the Plain and Indian War. It started when the Americans wanted to expand to the Great Plains. The only problem was that the Indians lived there. In addition, the government decided to move them to reservations that were small and farming was not possible because the land was dry. The Indians fought for their lands and some of those battles were the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee, and the Sand Creek Massacre. Furthermore, after