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  • Amish Culture

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    The Amish Culture The Amish are a fascinating people. They live surrounded by cities full of technology. Yet they live without automobiles, electricity, and most modern comforts that are taken for granted by many. Donald Kraybill asks the question “How is it that a tradition-laden people who spurn electricity, computers, automobiles, and higher education are not merely surviving but are, in fact, thriving in the midst of modern life?” Though they do not have all of the technology that we take

  • Amish Religion and Culture

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    Abstract The focus of this research paper is to examine the religious beliefs of the Amish communities. From their humble beginnings of migration into the United States from Europe, to their present day living arrangements, they have been and will continue to be a prosperous community. By shunning modern conveniences and relying only on what nature has provided, society has referred to them as the “Plain People.” Being far from ordinary in their dress and way of life separates this community

  • The Amish, Society and Culture

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    Case study/Cross Cultural Comparison The Amish is a group of traditionalist Christians that rely on simple living, plain dress and refuse to adapt to modern technology. The history of the Amish started in Switzerland in 1693 led by Jakob Amman. Today majority of the traditional descendants of the Amish live in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Family In an average Amish family it consist of, a mother, father with an average of 7 children. Their grandparents play a vital part of the family because once

  • Amish Culture Essay

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    sense of place and community, otherwise known as culture. Most people cherish their culture and pass the traditions down onto their offspring. By passing down one’s culture it creates a very unique and diverse world. A unique culture that dates back to sixteenth-century Europe is the Amish (Kraybill 1989). The Amish formed by descending from the Protestant faith. This dissention developed a culture that has stood the test of time. Today the Amish live in several areas around the world but there

  • The Amish Culture And Beliefs

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    The Amish have been around since the early 1700s in the United States. They first migrated to Pennsylvania when they came from Switzerland and Germany. The Amish have spread to many other states, but today are primarily in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania (Hostetler, 2009). The Amish have a unique way of life and have strong beliefs rooted in their faith. Today, the Amish are continuing to grow, because they are having such large families (Hostetler, 2009). The elderly population within the community

  • Subculture Of The Amish Culture

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    mentions countries that are most advanced, Canada definitely comes to mind. Canada is known for being a mosaic of culture whereas multiple cultures exist in the same time and space, but remain independent. However, one subculture called the Amish keeps a safe distance from technology, and therefore our modern society, since it is their belief that it weakens the family structure. The Amish is one of the most profoundly distant subcultures that is found in Canada. The members of this society socialize

  • The Amish Culture And Subcultures

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    There are many cultures and within those cultures there are subcultures. Subcultures is a cultural group within a larger group. That have different interest and beliefs. than those of the larger group. The Amish,Mormon and the Jehovah witnesses are among the few strangest subcultures. These subcultural groups are the strangest because of their style,beliefs and hobbies. That separate these subcultures from any other Christian denomination. The Amish have certain beliefs that separate them from

  • Taking a Look at the Amish Culture

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    the comparative study of human societies, cultures, and their development. Through Anthropology, we have been taught about numerous cultures and there relevance to society. One culture that has peaked my interest is the culture of the Amish people. The Amish culture was founded on the teachings of Jacob Ammon. This culture began in Europe and did not migrate to North America until around the 19th and 20th century. The Amish culture is driven by the Amish religion which teaches that they must be separate

  • Core Values Of The Amish Culture

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    In cultures throughout the world people find governance and inspiration through the distinct values, rules, rituals, and symbols that they have been led to believe and informed of through the organizations that they belong to or have been brought up within. While every group of people and organization have different values and rules and hold them to differing levels of importance , every group will have some that bear similarity, no matter how distinct and different the group may be, such as the

  • The Religious World Of Amish Culture Essay

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    The Religious World of Amish Culture Many tourists are fascinated by the Amish people and their culture. People from all over the world have gone to places like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, trying to catch the meaning and the reason behind the Amish way of life. Throughout the 19th century Amish people have encountered some difficulties in practicing their religion and living they way they desired to. Disagreements did not only generated between the Amish people and the out side world, but also