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  • Sex At Dawn By Chrstopher Ryan And Cacilda Jetha

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    describes our current society as a sexual hypocrisy where monogamy is the norm and everything else falls under taboo. Based on prehistoric facts, they argue that we derive from a sexually free and promiscuous culture, and were never meant to be in lifelong monogamous unions. In Paleofantasy by Martha Zuk, looks at evolutionary theorists, like Ryan and Jetha, who use the Paleolithic Age for guidance on how our current society should live. Zuk’s argument is that people want to make our nature into one-form

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Against Love ' By Laura Kipnis Essay

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    expressions of love such as marriage, monogamy, and mutuality.  However, in her argument, she defines love incorrectly by equating love to expressions of love. This definition lacks a component essential to understanding the abstract concept of love: emotion. Recognizing love as emotion helps us realize that, contrary to Kipnis’ argument love by nature transcends all expressions of love. Love is subjective and exists in any and all forms. In her argument that love cannot survive as conventional

  • The Curious Case Of Polygamy

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    Allison Roberts Dr. Neville Hoad: UGS303 May 7th, 2015 The Curious Case of Polygamy Abstract: As of 2015, thirty-seven U.S. states have legalize same-sex marriage, and with arguments in a landmark case currently being presented in the Supreme Court this month; there is little doubt that the modern definition of legal marriage will soon be forever changed in The United States. While same-sex marriage is still the center of fierce debate and opposition from primarily religious conservatives, public

  • The 's Opinion On Monogamy

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    opinion on monogamy relates well in theory and reinforces current societal norms . However, her argument lacks research to support her view, while giving few examples of the benefits of monogamy she relinquishes any depth and breadth in her opinion, leaving out any clarity on this matter. Gordeau’s points… “Humans are among just 3% of mammals that form pair bonds, she says.” (Taverner p. 74) - Only 3% of mammals pair bonds is an extremely low percentage and does not support the case for monogamy. Moreover

  • Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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    Introduction The issue of whether to allow same-sex marriage in America is a controversial topic that is heavily debated upon. In my opinion, I feel that same-sex marriage should be allowed. This is due to several reasons. The right to marriage is an important civil right that should be allowed for same-sex couples, and this is so from a deontological standpoint as well. Marriage is able to bring about many positive benefits for same-sex couples and their families. Also, same-sex marriage has received

  • Philosophy Paper on Morality and Polygamy

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    “only fear of superior force could bring a woman to ‘agree’ to the injustice of a polygamous marriage” (Vogel, Ursula 243). Although some women would only agree to such a lifestyle through force, many others invite and prefer the idea of polygamy to monogamy. Some women believe that the shared responsibility takes the weight off a single spouse and distributes it equally. Other women enjoy the sisterhood of their sister wives and appreciate having the company of other women within their marriage.

  • Monogamy Vs Polygamy

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    In a society that demands monogamy, the most common cause for a relationship to fail is infidelity. Though not a crime, cheating is most definitely seen as a socially deviant act, with the offender being shunned and criticized by many for their “immoral” deeds. In the expertise of Schuiling, a human biologist, out of 849 cultures investigated worldwide, about 85% appeared to be polygamous. However, in western culture, monogamist or -ish relationships tend to be the norm. Many things have recently

  • Sex at Down

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    Sex at Dawn Since Darwin’s Origin of the Species, we’ve been told that sexual monogamy comes natural. Mainstream science, as well as religious and cultural institutions, has maintained that men and women evolved in families in which a man’s possessions and protection were exchanged for a woman’s fertility and fidelity. In this groundbreaking book, however, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá argue that human beings evolved in egalitarian groups that shared food, child care, and, often, sexual partners

  • A Refutation of an Argument by William J Bennett on Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

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    REFUTATION OF ARGUMENT AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE In a remarkable article that appeared in the Washington Post, William J. Bennett argued that recognizing same-sex marriage would be detrimental to the concept of marriage and to the nation. The only thing more remarkable than the logical fallacies relied upon in the article was the fact that the author was the former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and Secretary of Education in the Reagan administration and Director of the Office

  • Is Adultery Morally Permissible?

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    Adultery has been the topic of movies, books, television shows, and many arguments between spouses. One of the main question that surrounds it is, to what extent is adultery morally permissible. To me adultery can not be talked about unless also talking about love. Often love and adultery are intertwined whether it is because one uses love of another to justify adultery, or uses adultery as an evidence that one no longer loves their spouse. Pausanias, a character from the play Symposium by Plato