Ancient china

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  • Ancient China

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    The Ancient Chinese are responsible for many inventions and contributions to the world. Some of their inventions and contributions include paper making, moveable type printing, gunpowder, compass, alcohol, mechanical clock, tea production, silk, practical umbrella, acupuncture, iron and steel smelting, porcelain, earthquake detector, rocket, bronze, the kite, the seed drill, row crop farming, toothbrush and paper money. We will take a look at 10 of these contributions and then choose the four that

  • Ancient China Technology

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    energy to build. China became powerful through its ability to invent new technology that aided in farm production and transportation, which also helped grow the trade system. Once the government began to control manufacturing in China, technology grew quickly. Also, China began to import popular brands from America in exchange for their valuable silk. Ancient China and modern China gained power and resources as a result of technology global trade. Technology help improve life in China. The carollar

  • Sericulture In Ancient China

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    Sericulture in Ancient China For thousands of years, silk has been an important part of Chinese culture and economy. Silk was and is prized as a luxury textile and a symbol of wealth; Silk’s bright luster and soft touch are the main reasons it was a favored clothing material among the nobles of Europe and Asia. The silk industry, sericulture, has gained China major trading opportunities, bringing the country much wealth and fame. Sericulture became a notorious symbol of China and it played a major

  • Women in Ancient China

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    the Song Dynasty (960–1279) in Ancient China, the gender in which a person was born as, changed their whole path of life. Their role in society, their education, their power in the household were very different depending on if they were male or female. A typical female had much less power compared to a man; they were considered the inferior gender. It was unfair, and to an extend, cruel, the way that women were treated compared to a man, but during that time in China, it was so normal that no one

  • Confucianism In Ancient China

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    the eastern part of the world and traded jewelry, rice, silk, but the most important trading supply was knowledge. Word came from India about Buddhism. And since then, buddhism has developed into one of the most fascinating and popular religions in China. A Buddhists temple is called a stupa. The Chinese made another version called a Pagoda, The pagoda is a towerlike temple, and it was usually made with stone, brick, or wood. The silk road had many roads intertwining. It was called the silk road

  • Ancient Rome And Ancient China

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    Ancient Rome and Ancient China were two different civilizations with very different yet very similar ways of life. Culture, religion, and more importantly, politics, helped make life the way it was for those who lived in ancient rome and ancient china. Politics were what made everything function, just as it does today. Politics is what was responsible for the wars that took place between civilizations, and why dynasty’s fell and why new ones rose right after. Politics were the backbone holding up

  • Ancient Greece And Ancient China

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    Ancient civilizations are a big part of history but we wouldn’t know them as they are today without them going through and facing all the problems. China and Greece had many of the same problems but solved them differently. I believe that Greeks solved their problems in a better way than Chinese. Ancient Greece was a very powerful and thrived. The empire of Ancient Greece spread over Europe all the way to France. Ancient Greece has a big influence on what we have today. For example, we get many

  • Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece Essay

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    Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece Ancient China and Ancient Greece were two vastly different civilizations with different cultures; they shared a multitude of similar political, economic, and philosophical achievements while also inholding multiple differences. The centralized government of China differed from the independent city-states of Athens. A similarity that both civilizations held in regards to politics would be the role, or lack thereof one, that women played within their respective

  • Developments in Ancient China

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    In the early years of China, the Chinese began a period of establishment in the world with ideas and teachings of new religions, changing powers, and building empires. In a nutshell the Chinese were progressing toward new technology, writings, and belief systems. The Chinese saw many dynasties come and go as well as many ups and downs experienced with societies over the course of history. As all nation’s go through change, the Chinese experienced changes from other lands far away and produced

  • Comparing Islamic And Ancient China

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    Islamic and Ancient China art forms are very different, yet similar. Islamic art focused on the depiction of patterns, such as geometric and Arabic calligraphy. Instead of human-like figures, because it is feared that the depiction of the human form is idolatry and a sin against God. Ancient Chinese art focused on the depiction of humans and nature in their artwork. Chinese artists did so to capture the relationship between humans and nature. Islamic architecture featured domes, mosques, shrines