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  • June Fest Essay

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    you ever been to a horse show where the judge takes the time to personally walk you through a pattern and give you one on one instruction during your class? No? Well you should come to The Foundations for the Pure Spanish Horse show, Rancho Del Lago’s June Fest! Every year the owners of Rancho Del Lago, Walter and Judy Henslee open their ranch to the public to host the annual schooling show for the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse. The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, otherwise known as

  • Descriptive Essay On Cowboys

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    goats and cattle. We also see horses, but not everywhere, certainly not in the Arctic. We never know when or where we will see horses and we don’t always know the breed they are or what they can do. But there is no doubt that horses have given us experiences that have been ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary Around the world, people breed horses for work and other purposes; for example, we saw working horses in Brazil. Just like in the United States, there are horse-riding men who round up cattle

  • Boys and Girls by Alice Munro

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    Although seemingly unimportant to the storyline, the presence of the foxes and horses play a major role in the story, as they symbolize the sides of the conflict between conformity and self image. The foxes represent conformity; they all live in the same routine, are controlled by others in their environment, and are both literally

  • Summary Of ' The Sleeping Beauty '

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    The Sleeping Beauty "Once upon a time in the land of nothing" said Aria "Really? That 's the name of the land?" Said North "Yup, got a problem with it?" "Not at all. Asides from the fact that I think it 's stupid" "Yeah well you know you didn 't have to come here." said Aria "Well how else would I tell you how stupid your stories are?" "Whatever" "Well keep telling me the story." "No sorry I just remembered that I have to go today remember?" "Oh. Right sorry." "I know I think it 's stupid but what

  • The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson And The Rocking Horse Winner

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    “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence portray how people can act in atrocious ways when impacted by society. In both of these short stories there is an untimely death of one of the characters. The difference between the deaths is the emotional relation with the characters. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast these two pieces of literature through the similarities and differences in the settings, characters, theme, and plot. “The Lottery”

  • Autism : A Neurological Disorder

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    Assisted Therapies or Animal Assisted Activities. Among these Animal Assisted Activities there are Dog Assisted Activities even Equine Assisted Activities. Equine Assisted Activities include non-riding activities with the horse or horses, vaulting, carriage driving, and therapeutic horse back riding. These activities allow the patient to get out of their comfort zone and as we know children/patients with Autism don’t like to break their daily routine let alone try something new that might seen scary

  • Where Do I Belong?

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    Where Do I Belong? “Boys and Girls,” written by Alice Munro, follows a young girl growing up on a farm and struggling to be her own person while meeting the expectations of her parents. She has a younger brother named Laird, whom she is often compared to. She spends lots of time helping her father in the barn, even though her mother really wants her in the house doing more feminine chores. The emphasis on girl’s vs boy’s chores, plays a major role in the story and how the children are treated. Gender

  • The's Biggest Strategic Asset

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    Ralan thought, as a cry of “Stop the Craftsman” came from the Tower. Moments later an arrow hit the ground at Ralan’s feet. Yellow tunic. Surrounded by white. Archers on the Wall. Not good, Ralan thought. And then he saw it. A large wagon with four horses pulling it. It was on the side of the road with a broken wheel. Thank you, Maela, Ralan thought. He zig zagged through the field, arrows barely missing him. Sprinting around the wagon, he stopped as it shielded him from the archers on the wall. He

  • Analysis Of Equus By Peter Shaffer

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    Everywhere! Forever!” (Shaffer, pg. 105). Equus is his God, therefore when Alan is about to commit a sin he knows Equus will be disappointed and jealous. He was conscious of this, so in order to prevent the disappointment from happening, he blinded the horses so they would not watch him any longer. Alan being conscious of the consequences his actions would lead to reminds me of the reading Gilgamesh by Herbert Mason. Gilgamesh’s arrogance led him on a journey that he wasn 't quite prepared for, knowing

  • Equine Therapy For Children With Disabilities

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    Research shows that equine therapy can help a child in nearly every aspect of his or her life. Equine therapy proved in one study that it helps children with intellectual disabilities with their balance, thanks to the stimulating movements of the horse (Biery et. al. 1). Motor skills have improved after just a few sessions in equine therapy, whether it be riding or hippotherapy (Snider et. al. 1). In addition, researchers have found that social skills have improved with equine therapy (Bass, Dunchowny