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  • Similarities Between Beast And Beauty And The Beast

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    Another fairy tale is decided to read from the blue fairy book was Beauty and the Beast, the original tale was written by the Grimm brothers and it tells a story of a man who was cursed by a witch and turned into a beast. He could only transform back into a human from the love of a girl, soon a girl comes to live with the beast in the exchange for the life of her father and soon falls in love with the beast. The fairy tale ends with the beast transforming into a human and living happily. In the modern

  • George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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    vastly controversial novel published in 1945, George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes the horrific brand of communism in the Soviet Union and the conscious blindness that most of the West accepted at that time. Although Orwell labeled Animal Farm as a fairy tale, this historically parallel novel branches into the genres of political satire, fable, and allegory as well. What made Animal Farm so controversial among the “British socialists” and Western countries was its criticism of Soviet Communism combined

  • The Three Little Pigs

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    sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. Greed and laziness are undesirable characteristics to possess, while hard work and careful planning are very positive characteristics. The following story of “The Three Little Pigs” is from Andrew Lang’s Green Fairy Book. There was once upon a time a pig who lived with her three children on a large, comfortable, old-fashioned farmyard. The eldest of the little pigs was called Browny, the second Whitey, and the youngest and best looking Blacky. Now Browny

  • Agrarian Magic: 20 Theories on the Origin of Religion

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    Agrarian Magic: 20 Theories on the Origin of Religion Religion is a species-specific human universal phenomenon, complex, full of paradoxes, and found in all cultures. Social scientists and anthropologists since the late 17th century have attempted to rationally answer questions about religion, and while we can't evaluate the veracity of religion’s claims, we can attempt to understand its functions. The methods of comparative religion, comparative mythology, with interdisciplinary analysis