Andromeda Galaxy

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  • Andromeda Galaxy Short Story

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    In the Andromeda galaxy, there was a little planet named Bartledan. On that planet, there was this empire named Yooden Bableham, who decided his planet needed to be expanded onto another planet. Most of the empires of the surrounding planets were quite jealous of him and his enormous amount of galactic gems. He then sent out seven of his most trustful spacemen to go and explore the near Milky Way galaxy. Once his men got into the orbit of the other planets in that galaxy, they noticed that everything

  • Creative Writing: A Short Story of Beyond Essays

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    dominion over their entire planet. When space travel first became possible, this process had repeated itself. At first they made small colonies on neighboring planets, and moons. Over the years the galaxy and beyond had been surveyed. Technology had evolved to a point of where the entire Local Group, all 54 galaxies, millions of light years under control. The Local Group was kept safe through an alliance of the most powerful species. This alliance was nicknamed "The Union", though it had no official

  • Milkomeda Research Paper

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    Milkomeda When we look at the sky, what do we see? Stars. What would it look like if there was an entire galaxy in view? That is exactly what will happen within four billion years. Our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, is fated to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy, or M31. Scientists have been asking this question for decades, about how likely it is, or if it will even happen at all! But some newer evidence to this dilemma has revealed itself. Now that it is widely accepted as an inevitable fact, many

  • The Discovery Of Space Exploration

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    sun, and the stars that sparkled in the night sky. As time progressed, astronomers began discovering more planets, which then expanded into discovering that earth is a part of one of the many solar systems within our own galaxy, and eventually we discovered billions of other galaxies that exist containing their own solar systems. The universe is no doubt one of the most beautiful creations that is able to be seen. Mankind have started taking things one step further by traveling into space. It is no

  • Space 170 Bi Fall 2016

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    Grant Robbins Astronomy 170 BI Fall 2016 Actually observing the sky through the campus Steward Observatory telescope brought perspective to just how lucky we are in Tucson to have such amazing resources to study the sky. The location of the telescope is amazing; right in the middle of our historic campus which allows the general public accessibility to something that might otherwise be reserved for astronomers or scientists. Having a 21” telescope to view the night sky expands the field of view

  • Essay about Edwin Hubble Biography

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    foundations for all of modern cosmology. At the beginning of the 20th century, most astronomers thought that our Universe was confined to the Milky Way Galaxy alone. However, Edwin Hubble's inspiration and perseverance in astronomical research proved otherwise. He discovered the existence of other galaxies and created a systematical classification for all galaxies. Additionally, he mathematically confirmed that his newly discovered universe was expanding. Hubble's astronomical triumphs earned him worldwide

  • History Of The Hubble Telescope

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    universe expand faster and faster as time goes. Another, discovery is the telescope has discovered is the details of gamma rays bursts and that is a powerful explosion of energy that happens when massive stars collapse. The Hubble has also shown us how galaxies formed. It revealed extraordinary details about the process by which sun-like stars and their lives as planetary nebulae. It may have helped is with identifying quasars, it showed us pictures of a clashing galactic quintet, a densely packed star

  • Edwin Hubble Essay

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    able to find the Andromeda Nebulae’s distance for the Milky Way and study red shifts. While the 200-in. telescope was being built, Hubble asked if he could use the telescope for half of its available time. This shows his devotion because he wanted to use the telescope in order to further enhance his research (17).      Edwin Hubble’s curiosity about the universe started at youth and has grown. Without this, he would have no desire to study the stars or galaxies. Hubble’s interest

  • Stephen Hawking And Albert Einstein

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    As of right now we can see 100 billion galaxies in our universe but then again that is only with the current telescope we have but as time goes by we will make bigger and better telescopes. Over time we will see double to even triple the number of galaxies than we can see now. As for the Nebulae, we cannot technically count all of them accurately. We can 't count all of the nebulae and galaxies but we can distinguish the different types. In my paper, I will be quoting and gaining my new knowledge

  • Astonomy and Cosmology Unit Final Essay

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    understanding of black holes and galaxies but after I learned that there a 2 types of galaxies(spiral and elliptical) and how in the center of a black hole is a singularity where all of the laws of physics break down because everything is so extreme. When learning about the galaxies I found the pictures as well as the descriptions to be very beautiful. Whether it was a spiral galaxy that is colliding with another spiral galaxy or the orange tinted elliptical galaxies, I found it all to be complete