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  • Pernicious Anemia Essay

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    Anemia is a disorder of the blood. It occurs when your body does not produce enough erythrocytes or red blood cells (RBCs). Without the erythrocytes oxygen can not be adequately delivered to the tissues and organs throughout the body. This will cause you to become weak and tired. A person may also experience headaches, skin pallor, and faintness. Your body may attempt to compensate for these symptoms by speeding up the heart rate and respiratory rate. This is the body’s attempt to return oxygen

  • Thalassemia is Commonly Called Anemia

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    mutations that impair transcription, processing, or translation of globin mRNA (p. 505). This disorder may further lead to the excessive destruction of red blood cells, commonly known as anemia. The name thalassemia is derived from the Greek word thalassa which means “the sea”. It was first characterized as the anemias frequently encountered in the populations living near the Mediterranean Sea. They are most prevalent in the Mediterranean basin and tropical or subtropical regions of Asia and Africa

  • Anemia and Disorders Blood Tests

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    Lethargy 1. A lowered level of consciousness, with drowsiness, listlessness, and apathy. Lethargy is a fairly imprecise description of the feeling or slowness, sluggishness, tiredness, or lack of energy. Lethargy in common usage may mean many things, including fatigue, drowsiness (sleepiness), lethargy, tiredness, malaise, listlessness, or weakness (including muscular weakness). The causes of these other similar symptoms also need to be investigated in researching a symptom of lethargy. Nevertheless

  • Anemia Research Paper

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    Anemia What is anemia? Anemia is a medical condition characterized by low red blood cell count or mass (hemoglobin). This can be caused by blood loss, decreased production of red blood cells, or increased red cell destruction. Some common forms of anemia include iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, and liver disease. Patients with certain blood or bone marrow cancers may also develop anemia. Individuals with anemia often develop symptoms of when their hemoglobin is very low

  • Aplastic Anemia - Essay

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    Aplastic anemia is a condition where bone marrow does not produce sufficient new cells to replenish blood cells.[1] The condition, per its name, involves both aplasia and anemia. Typically, anemia refers to low red blood cell counts, but aplastic anemia patients have lower counts of all three blood cell types: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, termed pancytopenia. ------------------------------------------------- [edit]Signs and symptoms * Anemia with malaise, pallor and associated

  • Sickle-Cell Anemia

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    Sickle-Cell Anemia is an inherited, chronic blood disease in which the body produces abnormally shaped red blood cells. When the blood cells become crescent/sickle shaped, they are unable to deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to other cells. Also, these unusual “sickle” cells block blood pathways to the limbs and organs, limiting the amount of blood flowing throughout the body. It causes pain, organ damage, and anemia (low blood count). Unfortunately, however, when sufferers are born with this disease

  • The Effects Of Anemia On The Levels Of Blood

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    Hematocrit Stephanie Jackson Professional Communications (MLS 301L) University of Southern Mississippi Abstract Anemia is a decrease in the competence of blood to carry adequate amounts of oxygen to the tissue resulting from an insufficient concentration of hemoglobin (McKenzie & Otto, 2015). The Hemoglobin and hematocrit are used to screen for the presence of anemia. A small sample of blood in a capillary tube is needed for the hematocrit test and an anticoagulated tube of blood is used

  • Anemia Research Paper Outline

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    Anemia Do you feel weakness, dizziness with the lack of energy? Do you have pale/grayish skin and dull and haggard look? If you have these symptoms then visit your doctor because these are the main symptoms of anemia. Other symptoms include poor memory ringing in the ears, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath on exertion, slow healing of wounds, mental confusion. What is Anemia? Anemia is characterized by a deficiency of red blood cells and /or hemoglobin. In people with anemia, the body makes

  • Anemia In Our Body System

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    Anemia is a condition in which one lacks an adequate amount of healthy red blood cells (RBC) needed to transport the appropriate amount of oxygen from the lungs to tissues throughout the body. The body systems affected by anemia include the Circulatory/Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Integumentary, and the Musculoskeletal System. The system or systems affected depends on the type of anemia acquired or disease acquired causing the anemic state. All of our body systems need healthy blood to function to

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia ( Ida )

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    Christina Babcock Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) What is Iron Deficiency Anemia? Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is the most common form of anemia worldwide. It occurs when the body is lacking iron. Iron is important to all cells, but especially to the red blood cells (RBC’s), as they make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the tissues in the body. Normal iron levels for a female are 40-150 ug/dL, and 50-160