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  • Anesthesia Care : An Anesthesia Provider

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    Shortly after graduation from Anesthesia school, I had taken up a position as an anesthesia provider at a major healthcare organization as an anesthesia provider. However, not up to six months into my job, I had realized that that the work environment was not sustainable, for it would not allow me to exercise the full extent of my skills and abilities. There was no autonomy! Therefore I decided to quit and form an anesthesia services business, contracting with institutions that would allow me and

  • Anesthesia Essay examples

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    Anesthesia was developed in order to block or prevent pain during medical procedures. Anesthesia has been the backbone of the medical world for around 100 years now. Early anesthetics were primitive and many patients simply did not trust anesthetics. Anesthesia is still a risky process even in todays advanced medical world. Anesthesia is not used to treat or diagnose any specific disease; the sole purpose is to aid both the patient and surgeon through procedures. However, anesthesia is used

  • The History of Anesthesia Essay

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    Mallory Whitson Justice 1st Period 2 February 2010 Anesthesia Anesthesia is the loss of feeling or sensation. It may be accomplished without the loss of consciousness, or with partial or total loss of consciousness. Anesthesia has not been around forever, but there is a background history of its creation and the primitive anesthetics used before anesthesia was discovered. Today there are many different anesthetics and delivery methods dependent to the type of procedure. Anesthesiologists

  • Types Of Anesthesia As A Patient

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    must be known, such as the different types of anesthesia. There are several types of anesthesia. The form of anesthesia a patient will receive will be determined by the medical state and the surgical procedure the patient will undergo. Along with anesthetics, a patient may receive a sedative administered by the anesthesiologist. The three main forms of anesthesia include: local anesthesia; regional anesthesia; and general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used when a patient is undergoing a minimally

  • The History Of Nurse Anesthesia

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    The history of nurse anesthesia cannot be accurately studied without a thorough analysis of the pioneer and transformational leader, Alice Magaw. Charles Mayo called her the Mother of Anesthesia for many good reasons (CRNA Profiles, n.d.). It is worthy of the student anesthetist’s time to study the life, education, employment, leadership, publications, and legacy of Alice Magaw. Alice Magaw’s Biographical Information In 1860, Alice Magaw was born in Ohio (Nelson & Wilstead, 2009). For the

  • A Single Woman Of Anesthesia

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    A single woman in anesthesia An icon is a person who is humble, respected by many and admired for their skills and talents. Many have influenced the different branches of the medical field; an I-con who had influenced the practice of anesthesia is Claudia potter. Potter was born into a middle class family, her father was a farmer and her mother was a stay at home mom. However, She was an outcast compared to the rest of her family; she had one great ambition to become a doctor from a young age. She

  • Anesthesia, Anesthetic Drugs And Anesthesiologist

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    Anesthesia, Anesthetic Drugs & Anesthesiologist Anesthesia is a practice in the medical field that specializes in the control and monitoring of anesthetic drugs most commonly during surgical procedures. It could be used to relieve pain, numb an area of the body going into surgery, or induce unconsciousness. A doctor or specialists who has studied anesthesiology will be the individual responsible for the anesthesia. There are various types of anesthesia and a numerous amount of anesthetic drugs that

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spinal Anesthesia

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    or described in terms of such damage20. Spinal anesthesia was first produced by Corning in 1885 and first used deliberately by Bier in 1898. Glucose containing solution for spinal anesthesia was introduced by Barker in 1907. Since then hyperbaric solutions are in use for spinal anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia is preferred over general anesthesia for various surgeries as it is - - Simple to perform and economical. - Produces rapid onset of anesthesia, analgesia with good muscle relaxation. - Causes

  • The Effects Of Anesthesia On Cognitive Functioning

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    Research The investigation of how anesthesia effects cognitive functioning has had a long history. Overtime, it has been suggested that there is an association between anesthesia, surgery, delirium, dementia and postoperative cognitive dysfunction (Inan & Ozkose Satirlar, 2015). The theory of anesthesia’s impact on cognitive functioning was derived in 1887, by Savage, who began to observe the “insanity” that follows the use of anesthesia. He suggested that “Any cause which will give rise to delirium

  • The Evolution of Anesthesia Essay example

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    The scene is a 19th century home; a man knocks on the door for his appointment. The door opens and standing there is the doctor in a stiff, dry, blood-covered smock. The man is there for surgery and the doctor leads him to his designated operating room. As the doctor sets the man down in the chair, the man sees the dry blood and sharp instruments. He starts to have second thoughts on the surgery and struggles to get away. Two of the doctor’s assistants hold him down as the doctor gives him a blow