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  • Descriptive Essay About Animals

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    animals helped me realize that even though they aren’t real, we can relate with each other and I can also learn valuable lessons from them that would help me in life. The three fictional characters that most represent my personality are Yakko from Animaniacs for his annoying yet sympathetic behavior, Kermit the Frog from The Muppets for his insecurities, and Stimpy from The Ren and Stimpy Show for his child-like personality. Even though Yakko Warner is an animal that no one - not even creator Steven

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Groucho Marx's 'Casablanca'

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    Normally, authors would argue with an objective tone. But it is different in the case of Groucho Marx. Comedian and film star, Groucho Marx, in his letter, argues to the Warner Brothers to let the Marx Brothers use the title “Casablanca”. Marx uses different diction to help convey a tone and figurative language such as allusion to convince the Warner Bros. to drop the charges and lawsuits. Marx appeals to emotion to convince and for the readers to relate and laugh as Marx elaborates his argument

  • Number Five: Breasts In The Rescuers

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    flight, they pass by a window in which a topless woman can be seen. Only in 1999 was the image discovered – and Disney recalled the movie, wanting to ensure that their fans could still trust the brand name. Number Four: Fingering in Animaniacs Anyone who remembers Animaniacs from the 1990's remembers that it was a pretty wild little show. But

  • Pg For Children

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    only are these scenes being included in adolescent shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, they are being found in tween shows like Hannah Montana as well as a majority of shows and movies for children like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Animaniacs. Children being exposed to these types of media to early is creating effects that can either be informational or detrimental to the future of a child’s life. The author of a study completed at Harvard University, John Hughes, said “one must ask

  • A Critical Research on the Themes of Violence and Drugs in Cartoons

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    Introduction: Historically, cartoons have always evolved along two different paths. Because the potential for silliness, absurdity and unreality are magnified by the possibilities of animation, cartoons are accurately thought of as being perfect for the elastic and growing mind of children. However, because of many of these same characteristics, cartoons have always been seen as an ideal medium for biting satire and ridiculous farce aimed at adults. Today, with the availability of information and

  • Essay about Effect of Media Violence on Children

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    like, 'You inspired me to get out of an abusive relationship.' It makes me feel good about what I do" (AP Nov. 5). There is also some good examples of music, which brings a more positive feeling to the group. An example of this can be heard in the animaniacs compact disk. Television Television is especially influential on the children of today. Thirty years ago, not every home had a television; they were considered a luxury that only the rich could afford. Now, most households have two televisions

  • 90's Kid Research Paper

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    I’m a nineties kid. According to Urban dictionary the definition of a 90’s kid is: “A person born between January 1, 1982 and December 31, 1991 who lived more than half of their childhood (years aged 3-12) in the glorious decade of the 1990s” (HoodedStranger). I was born in 1983. I entered kindergarten in 1988 and graduated high school in 2001. I was a child during the entire decade. Urban dictionary further states, “Many children of the 90s feel that they lived good childhoods and like to share

  • Gender Misrepresentation In The Media

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    Media representations include the ways in which the media portrays particular groups. When gender is viewed through the lens of media representations, the disparity between male and female gender portrayal is evident. Media, technology, and social media are also used to misrepresent and to underrepresent gender identity. To understand the inequality of gender representation as examined through the media today, one must look at the history of the relationship between the forms of mass communication

  • Steven Spielberg Essay

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    Steven Spielberg It is hard to imagine a person who has not heard of Steven Spielberg. He is one of the most renown, if not the most renown, American filmmakers of the century. His films have captivated and helped develop imaginations of contemporary society and remain among the most successful films ever made. Spielberg was born in Cincinnati on December 18th, 1946. His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother a concert pianist. Steven seemed to get the best elements from both

  • Follow Me Book Report

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    main characters, the female, Dot, was hands down my favorite. She was cute and sassy and made me laugh more than any other creature on the show. One day my mom took me to a Toys “R” Us and I went off in search of a Dot stuffed animal. I found the Animaniacs. Toys in aisle marked “Boys,” but there were no Dots to be found. On a hunch, I walked over to the girls’ section and sure enough saw a big pile of Dot stuffed animals at the far end of an aisle. I got about three steps closer when a store worker