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  • Ankle Sprains Overview Essay

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    PT Rehabilitation Plan Ankle Sprains Overview Ankle sprains have three degrees of injury ranging from 1-3. The level of the ankle sprain is determined by the amount that the ligament is torn or stretched. A grade one sprain is categorized as a slight stretching and damage to the fibers of the ligament. A grade 2 sprain is characterized as partial tearing of the ligament and abnormal laxity of the ankle. A grade 3 sprain is characterized by complete tear of the ligament if it can be pushed or

  • Ankle Sprain Essay

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    An Ankle Sprain of a Female Colligate Basketball Player Objective: To introduce a case study about a mild ankle sprain. Background: The most common way to sprain an ankle in basketball is to step on someone else’s foot, or to plant and to turn the wrong way. Differential Diagnosis: Could be an injury to the deltoid ligament, CF, or the ATF ligament. Treatment: Ice, High volt, Theraband, Towel scrunches, Towel stretches, Whirlpool Conclusion: Rehab will help her get her strength back

  • Physical Injuries Of A Prophylactic Ankle Brace

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    acute ankle injury that accounts for about 10 to 25 percent of all injuries. Of all these injuries that occur, almost ¾ of them are related to the lateral structures in our ankle. The most common and minor form of these injuries is a lateral ankle sprain, which is caused by an inversion stress to the joint of the ankle. When someone happens to sprain their ankle, the usual preventive measures by athletic trainers and sports doctors are taken into action such as ankle taping, using of an ankle brace

  • Physical Therapy for a Sprained Ankle

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    Treatment of a sprained ankle as a physical therapist This essay is going to talk about the work, salary and educational requirements of physical therapist. We’re also going to talk about the ankle and its anatomy, the sprained ankle and how to cure it. The main topic is going to be how a physical therapist is involved in the curing and rehabilitating a sprained ankle. My name is Jasper Kuester and I’m a Physical Therapist, which are commonly known as physiotherapists. The general work of Physical

  • Ankle Arthroplasty

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    common as other joint replacement surgeries, total ankle arthroplasty can be just as beneficial. There is more to a total ankle arthroplasty than just fixing the problem area. Ankle arthroplasty, also called a TAA or total ankle replacement, is a surgical procedure that can give a patient a better quality of life. Being in an orthopedic setting, I have seen numerous total knee replacements as well as quite a few hip replacements but not one total ankle replacement. As I started looking more into the

  • Posterior Knee Impingement And Posterior Process With Rehab

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    Posterior Ankle Impingement and Posterior Process With Rehab Posterior ankle impingement is a condition that causes ankle pain and swelling at the back of the ankle where the back of the shin bone (tibia) meets the top bone of the ankle (talus). It can happen when soft tissue gets caught between these bones. Some people have an abnormal bone growth on the back of the talus (os trigonum or posterior process). This can also become enlarged or swollen and painful. This condition is common in athletes

  • Scan, Modify, 3D Print: Revolutionizing the AFO

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    standard ankle braces. In addition, many poorer families struggle to afford such expensive devices. My goal for this invention is to develop a feasible and medically accepted system in which a 3D scan of the patient’s foot will be manipulated on the computer to create a custom, 3D-printed brace. This innovative new process, combining the new technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing, will result in an orthotic that can be produced quickly and inexpensively. Research & Background The Ankle The ankle

  • The Benefits Of Yog Yoga

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    Try These 8 Yoga Poses and You’ll never feel Back Pain again We spent most of our day sitting in our offices, for so many hours, that the chair starts to grow on us. It’s true, we have so much to do during the day that by the time we finish work, we forget that we’ve been sitting the whole day and it’s time to stretch those muscles. However, most of you haven’t got the energy nor the will to get out of bed and stretch. But, what if I told you that you will only need eight minutes in your day and

  • Is Running A Natural Form Of Human Locomotion?

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    many develop various gait related injuries due to it. It is common for many to see running as a simple activity. However, running is a complex sport that requires attention and technique with the lower extremities such as your legs, hips, knees and ankles. Throughout this paper I will be discussing and evaluating the alternative explanations that correspond with gait related injuries. For my self personally, among many other reasons I enjoy running because on days where I am stressed from school, work

  • Drake Ankle Injury

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    reports on the internet, Drake is suffering from ankle injury. It may not be severe, but it could get worse if not treated accordingly. Much to their surprise, he still performs very well in his recent concert despite shaking off his recent ankle injury. As a result, he has no choice but to postpone tour dates for summer sixteen. Until now, he's trying to do his best to be healthy again. For Drake, health really mattered to him. As he's shaking off his ankle injury, he doesn't stop entertaining people