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  • Gender Themes In The Girl In Blue By Ann Rinaldi

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    There is a theme in “The Girl in Blue” by Ann Rinaldi. The theme is that gender does not affect skill level. “The Girl in Blue” is set in 1861, and is about a Michigan native by the name of Sarah Louisa. She is about to be forced to marry a man of her abusive father's choice when she decides to run away and join the army. She joins the army under the ruse that she is a boy and participates in the battle of Bull Run but her gender is eventually found out by her doctor and general. She is not punished

  • Jmima Emerson's Character Qualities

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    think of young women in the late 1700s what comes to mind? For me it is a taskful life filled with chores and taking care of siblings and being sold off and married when the time comes, not for this brave adolescent.Time Enough For Drums written by Ann Rinaldi includes a main character Jemima Emerson. She is a 15 year old girl who lives in Trenton, New Jersey and is not ready for what is coming in the future. Through the book Jemima encounters much chaos that gives her no choice but to grow up and take

  • Character Analysis Of Rebeckha Emerson In 'Time Enough For Drums'

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    Would one ever think to be so stubborn that they would make someone chose between two people they love dearly? Well that is exactly what Rebeckha Emerson does in Time Enough For Drums by Ann Rinaldi. Becky is a truly astonishing character with her actions.She is a tory who married a british officer and she is jem older sister that has great manners but always speaks her mind. She lives in Pennsylvania with grandfather henshaw . Throughout the

  • Martha Rinaldi : An Assistant Product Manager At Potomac Waters

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    Martha Rinaldi was an Assistant Product Manager at Potomac Waters, a beverage company producing non-alcoholic drinks. She began this position after graduating with a marketing MBA from a top business school in Chicago. Rinaldi visited the company and was confident it offered all her needs. Her job was to help develop a new line of health fruit drinks branded Invi in the Health Drinks Division. Although she was excited to begin her new position, she found Jamie Vaughan, an associate product manager

  • Time Enough For Drum By Ann Rinaldi Analysis

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    The novel Time Enough For Drums by Ann Rinaldi is a story about love, loss, and sacrifice.In the novel, there were many important characters that played key roles in the story. The novel takes place during the time of the revolutionary war. The Emerson family has their two sons fighting in the war, and their mother is helping sew clothing for the war. They have two slaves named Lucy and Cornelius, whom they plan to un-enslave after the war has ceased. The person that impacted the story the most was

  • Summary Of Time Enough For Drum By Ann Rinaldi

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    great book named Time Enough For Drums By Ann Rinaldi. In this book a character named Jemima Emerson has a brother named Daniel Emerson. Daniel Emerson enlisted in the army and fought in the revolutionary war. Using Daniel’s Bravery, Knowledge, and Determination he helps the American militia win the American Revolution. Dan is a very strong and fearless individual. During the book Dan is joining the army as a general showing no fear of the British army (Rinaldi 18). Dan must recruit seventy ordinary

  • Puritan Values In A Break With Charity, By Ann Rinaldi

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    A Break with Charity by Ann Rinaldi depicts a young girl at her worst. Susanna English (the main character) lives in Salem Town. The strict Puritan values in Salem leads a circle of girls to portray themselves as haunted by witches, causing chaos for themselves, Susanna, and Tituba. Using dialogue, the author flawlessly shows how poor choices lead to consequences. Firstly, a circle of girls makes a poor choice of lying about being haunted by witches, which later

  • Feminist Perspective of A Sicilian Romance and The Castle of Otranto

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    two good sisters. The heroine of such a novel is a pure, kind young woman who also has a streak of spunkiness. Her sister may be more good and kind, but she is more submissive and reserved. I would like to look at these sisters (and their mothers) in Ann Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance , and The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole.      It is possible that The Castle of Otranto was the first to introduce these two good sisters as a means of exploring the duties and expectations of modern woman and her

  • Searching for Answers to a Serial Killer, Ted Bundy Essay

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    What makes a person want to kill or harm another individual? What can make someone reach their breaking point, and want to harm another person? The following report your about to read will take you on a journey. You will learn who “Ted Bundy” is and why he chose to live a double life. Ted was a special individual who only killed women he had a soft spot for them. Ted Bundy was like a tiger in the wild and women was his prey. When he went out he always went for vulnerable women. Ted would sweet talk

  • The Murder Of Ted Bundy

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    1966-1978. His first victim went by the name of Lonnie Trumball. She was killed in Seattle on June 23, 1966. He began a killing spree around the year 1972. Bundy said he first murder was like a “horrible dream.” Bundys last known victim went by the name Ann Leach. She was believed to be killed on February 9, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Florida. Some people believe that his first victim may have been an eight year old girl from Tacoma. If that was true he would have been fourteen at the age of his first murder