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  • Reflection Paper : ' Barbie Q ' By Sandra Cisneros

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    The reason I am writing to you is to explain my development throughout the semester in the Advanced Composition course at Washburn University. The semester consisted of critically analyzing my selected story “Barbie-Q” by Sandra Cisneros through four assignments, the exploration paper, the reading and writing paper, the annotated bibliography, and the academic research paper. The semester began with basic lessons on general writing rules during class and progressed into a much more complex course

  • I Taught All Five Of Mr. Smith 's Sixth Grade English Class

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    students were already familiar with, these included Cornell notes, annotation, and predicting. Mr. Smith said though students had been taught how to annotate students rarely used this strategy on assessments. I decided after our discussion that I would design a lesson that reiterated the skills required for annotation, as well as examining unfamiliar non-fiction text. I knew I wanted to get students to see the process of seeing annotation creation in action. I asked Mr. Smith if getting a DocCam was

  • Shhh Essay

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    Chapter 10 of Research Matters for examples of annotations. Criteria for Evaluation: 1. Is the

  • The Effect Of Transfer Training On The Classroom

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    for the transfer training. A number of implementation and qualitative differences may have affected the results. The transfer technique competencies found to have statistically significant results were specifically commented on during the video annotations. These included positioning clients, body mechanics, hand placement, and safety throughout each transfer. Based upon the number of students in the lab environment, there was a great deal of ambient noise that prevented the students’ directions

  • Annotation

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    Hoda Mokarian Rebecca Yamano English 101 November 16th, 2011 Critical Annotated Webliography Research Questions: What kinds of school reform strategies have been suggested historically? ANNOTATION #1 Source Information: Goodman, Paul. Compulsory Miseducation. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1971. Paul Goodman suggests that in order to counter the strict, lockstep tendencies of American educational institutions, that universities as well as secondary schools devise strategies to encourage

  • Reading And Analyzing For Comprehension Unit Plan

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    techniques of annotation by examining a text closely and critically. They will practice analyzing a sample annotation and identifying the purpose for annotating an article. Students will then practice annotation through a careful reading of a story excerpt, using specific guidelines and writing as many annotations as possible. Students then work in pairs to peer review their annotations, practice using a web tool to annotate a story excerpt on their group level and PowerPoint to present annotations, and reflect

  • Reflection Paper About Writing

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    This semester has been busy, I have written four papers. Scoring better than I thought I was capable of. St. Edward’s University was not my first choice, because I knew that St. Edward’s focuses on their student’s writing skills. The only reason I applied was because my mom wanted me to. I got waitlisted at my first choice and then my mom thought my second choice was too far, so here I am at a University that requires more writing from a person than anyone has ever done in my life. Reading and writing

  • Classroom Reflection Essay

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    The classroom was a tall open square filled with around 35 student desks and one large set of desks in the front of the class. The front desks consisted of smaller desks which included a stand-up desk that held a computer and a smaller but longer desk with a chair. Behind the front desks was as whiteboard wall that had a projector pointing towards the wall. All of the student’s desks were scattered throughout the class and faced the whiteboard the room has a lot of space, but the number of desks

  • English Class Reflection

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    Advancing from a sophomore level English class into a college level class this year was a major step for me. I had been told multiple times that high school is guided learning while college is not and that made me rather uneasy. I've taken multiple AP classes so I assumed that this English class would be no different from a AP English in high school. At first glance over the syllabus, I realized that I was wrong. I had underestimated the level of self-motivation and commitment that is needed to succeed

  • Literary Analysis Of Nick Otten's 'Beyond The Yellow Highlighter'

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    annotating through contrasting perspectives. 2) The general purpose of both authors is to provide a resource that defines, states the purpose of, and explains annotating. "How and Why to Annotate a Book" and "Beyond the Yellow Highlighter: Teaching Annotation Skills to Improve Reading Comprehension" are both titles that explicitly state the author’s purpose. Otten provides steps and tips for students to inform them how and why they should annotate, whilst O’Donnell gives a more in depth analysis of the