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  • Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho ( Staring Janet Leigh And Anthony Perkins

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    Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho (staring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins) is one of the most influential films in motion picture history. Hitchcock uses cinematography, dialogue, costumes and lighting, as well as many other film techniques to thrill the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats from the beginning of the film to the very end. The scenes we have just viewed are a typical example of Hitchcock 's great ability to tell a story in a horrific way and haunt the viewers for a long time

  • Anthony Perkins Character Analysis

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    Anthony Perkins (Norman and Norma) portrayed both of his characters to the fullest leaving you in suspense. After finally sitting and watching this film, Norman(Norma) was weird and suspicious from the time his character was introduced. By this I mean, the scene that has all these stuffed birds throughout the room. Even when he was peeking through a hole behind a picture on the wall. His character was bipolar I feel, which was displayed through the entire movie. The scenes where he was arguing with

  • The Film Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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    Alfred Hitchcock is widely considered one of the most essential directors of all time and has undeniably revolutionized the cinematic art form and horror genre movement. A key ingredient to his productions is the psychoanalysis of the movie’s villains and the deceivery at comes with deep psychosis. These elements are what have taken Hitchcock from a good director to a legend. Hitchcock layers his movies in ways in which every time one watches his films they can pick up on a new detail that deepens

  • Theme Of The Birds By Alfred Hitchcock

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    horror/thriller directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock made in 1960. It followed Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), who stole $40,000 in order to be with her lover, and stopped at the Bates Motel, owned by the psychotic split-personality Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), along the way, and is murdered by Bates, which catalyses an investigation into Norman and his mysterious mother. Psycho explored in-depth the psychosis of its characters and how it connected to Kübler-Ross model of grief, and utilized filmmaking

  • Fear and Confusion in films Psycho and Carrie Essay

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    Fear and Confusion in films Psycho and Carrie In horror films, there is always one scene that opens up the perceived realm of normality to that of fear and confusion. Directors and authors alike use these scenes to show the change in the pace of the film. In both the movie Psycho (1960) and Carrie (1976), shower scenes are used to mark this epic turning point with sexuality, blood and voyeurism; the most important ingredients to horror. The idea of sneaking around

  • Audrey Hepbrun: A Hollywood Fairytale Essay

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         Outline I.     Intro:           Thesis- Audrey Hepburn took a difficult childhood and turned it into a gilded fairytale effortlessly. II.     Family Life/Growing up:           A-Shyness           B-Turbulent family III.     Suffering in Holland:

  • Analysis Of 24-Hour Psycho

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    Clearly heavily influenced by Douglas Gordon’s 24-Hour Psycho, Don DeLillo decidedly creates a somewhat parallel universe in which Jim Finley, the protagonist of Point Omega partakes in voyeuristic acts and shares many odd similarities with 24-Hour Psycho’s Norman Bates that illustrate Finley as a clone of Bates, allowing the reader (and watcher) to understand both personas from a more understanding perspective. The novella Point Omega immediately alludes to 24-Hour Psycho as the epilogue presents

  • A Photographer Captures a Revealing Photo of His Teacher in the Photography by Will Weaver

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    Weaver, the protagonist Anthony Long a young and talented photographer is compelled to capture a revealing picture of his school teacher, Ms. Jenson by his friend Lance Hickerson. Anthony and Ms. Jenson having to face severe consequences after the release of the photograph divulges a deep secret. The author portrays the message of standing for what you believe is right, never feeling pressured to conform to the attitude, values of other individuals. This is shown through Anthony who chooses to conform

  • Susan B. Anthony 's Contributions

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    Susan B. Anthony is an influential figure in American History for a multitude of reasons. Her primary contributions were made through her ability to voice her opinion over the unequal rights for women and blacks. The thing that makes Susan B. Anthony stand out the most is her power to get women the equal rights they deserve. Through the years of 1892—1900, she fought for the abolition of slavery and women’s rights. Her life spanned 86 years from birth on February 15, 1820 to death on March 13, 1906

  • alexclo Metamorphosis of Alex in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange

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    The Metamorphosis of Alex in A Clockwork Orange      As both the protagonist and narrator of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, the character of Alex is an intriguing study from start to finish. Specifically, in comparing part one and part three of the novel, Alex's world, internally and externally, his characterization and travails are shown to be mirror images of each other, both identical and reversed. Where Alex was the soulless victimizer in part one, he finds himself repeatedly a victim