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  • Maxlife's Sleeping Formula

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    after training, and exercises, and having a well-defined physique, as the manufacturer claimed. Also, I discovered that the company has other products and they include Antler Velvet Max,

  • My Favorite Season Essay

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    mile to our stand right in the middle of a swamp. The first hour out in the stand was so boring and again. I was sitting there looking at the beautiful birch trees and the tall prairie grass surrounding the stand. On the birch trees there were many antler scrapings, which means the bucks were once here marking their territory. My deer stand is approximately 20 feet off the ground, which gives a great view of the woods. I could see my grandpa’s barn, which was about a half a mile away, but I could not

  • Descriptive Essay About My First Buck

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    My First Buck It was a bitter cold November morning. November 15 to be exact. This is a very special day to my family and I. We woke up early that morning to get ready for the exciting day ahead of us. We bundled up in many layers of clothes and made some cofee for my Dad. We then set off to the blind before the trophies come out. As I was walking to the blind I could see my breath. As the sun set over the leafless trees, we began to start hearing some life throughout the woods. Although the movement

  • A Personal Narrative : Hunting As A Personal Experience

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    It was a hot day in the middle of September. My gun fired and the deer collapsed. I remember happening like it was yesterday and will forever be apart of me. The first time I shot a deer is a life changing moment. I can still feel the adrenaline rush when I think about it. Hunting is one of the most primal things humans can do, and the feeling is unlike any other. In the afternoon at about 3 o’clock PM to be exact. Me and my dad parked the truck and headed toward the treestand at our lease. The

  • Capacho: A Brief Story Of The Raritan

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    The snow on the ground was beginning to melt and the entire forest was covered in mud-brown slush. The trees that were normally full of beautiful green leaves were bare except for the buds that were just beginning to appear on them. The forest smelled of pine trees, though they were hard to find because they were few and far. There were also two rivers that belonged to the tribe. The Raritan had no rivulets and was disconnected from all other rivers, but it was the cleanest and most beautiful river

  • The Phenomenon Of Culling Injustices

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    For example, regions where rainfall is inconsistent and drought is common is not a good place to cull spikes. The reason behind this is when rainfall is inconsistent the repeatability of antler size is too. In South Texas, where rainfall is not plentiful, fawn crops are considered erratic, and by culling spikes you are potentially eliminating an age class. In an interview with Steve Scott, a Wildlife Biologist who oversees the wildlife on

  • Short Story : The Gingerbread Man

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    This is a story that was created in May 1875. The story is The Gingerbread Man, it is consider a fairy tale. The story has been updated throughout the years. Back in the day it was told as a tale believed to make kids stay at home and away from strangers. It was also had many cultural belief that do not exist at this time.     In order to understand the fairy tale we must first understand the significance of the oven in Europe back in 1875. The oven itself was a sacred space throughout most of Europe

  • Significant Kill Narrative

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    points.” I replied. “Bigger.” He said “Probably ten or twelve points.” My “buck fever” started to kick in. I was shaking with joy and exhilaration. We finally got close enough to where I could sort of see the antlers and I could just tell it was a monster. Grandpa quickly counted the antlers and it was a ten point. I was so excited, but Grandpa was even more excited. As soon as I saw it, I took a quick picture of it to send to my dad and mom but our cell phone signal is not good at camp so I could

  • An Informative Essay: A Short Story Of Hunting

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    Hunting Story Once upon a time there were two friends. Their names are Trent and Kaleb. They loved hunting. It was December 5, 2018, and Trent and Kaleb were at their Grandpa David’s house. Kaleb asked Trent, “Do you want to go hunting this weekend?” He said, “Sure why not?¨ ¨I will pick you up on December 7, 2018 at 5:00 am.¨ “That is this Saturday morning,” Kaleb said,“That is opening day of first season shotgun.” Saturday morning he came and picked up Kaleb. They went to the Schmutte farm. They

  • The Secret Society Of Deers: A Short Story

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    followed the deer's directions but I didn't see an entrance to the mountain. I felt the walls for hidden keys or something I didn't find anything. After a while a group of deers ran over to the mountain and one deer knocked on the mountain with there antlers. A small part of the mountain slides open and the deers signal me to go inside. Bear started to bark at the deers so I tied the end of the leash to a branch from a log. I slowly walked inside trembling as the deers looked at me and stared. The mountain