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  • Women Role in Indian Cinema

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    Buddhadeb Dasgupta are equally intriguing. In Gautam Ghose's "Antarjali Jatra" a young bride is forcibly married off to a dying Brahmin, while marital disharmony was the subject of films like Buddhadeb Dasgupta's "Griha Yuddha" and "Lal Darja" and Aparna Sen's "Yugant". Sanat Dasgupta's "Janani" featuring Rupa Ganguly was a poignant Bengali film about a woman who was ostracized and labeled a "witch," but in the end sacrificed her life for her son. Ordinary women characters, rising to extraordinary

  • The Map Of India, By Aparna Sen 's Indian / English Movie, Mr. And Mrs.

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    that, that keeps them strong and has helped them survived for hundreds of years. Correspondingly, in Aparna Sen’s Indian/English movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer”, the main actor, Raja, survives the dangerous journey solely because he is associated to a “Tamilian Brahmin” caste. The film highlights the two main religions – Hinduism and Islam and is portrayed by two characters, Meenakshi Iyer (Konkona Sen) and Raja Chowdhury/Mr. Iyer (Rahul Bose). The movie revolves around violence due to religion conflicts

  • Analysis Of The Surviving Strategies Of Single Mothers

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    Edin and Lein wanted to discover the surviving strategies of single mothers who are on welfare or work on a low-waged job. They argue “neither welfare nor low wage work gives single mothers enough income to meet their families’ expenses” (253). To find out the set of survival strategies of single mothers to make ends meet Edin and Lein interviewed 379 low income single mothers. They chose their interviewees from different cities, different aged group, and different ethnic background. Most mothers

  • Cambodian Society And Its Contemporary Political, Cultural, And Socio Economic Context

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    Cambodian society is still affected by almost three decades of civil war that devastated the country physically and psychologically, and faces high levels of poverty and poor development indicators (Malena and Chhim 2009). Whereas considerable progress has been made since the Peace Agreements in 1991, Cambodia’s recent past has shaped its contemporary political, cultural, and socio-economic context. The characteristics of these dimensions have contributed to the poor governance of the Cambodian administration

  • New York : The Gateway For Immigrants And The Land Of The Opportunity Essay

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    New York is considered as the gateway for immigrants and the land of the opportunity that attracting people from all over the world. Humanity, collaboration, enthusiasm, freedom, and tolerance are the key values of New York. The initial public assistance was created in response to poor economic situation during the longest-lasting depression period (Marx, Social Welfare Project). The welfare usually refers to providing services and financial assistances to needy families or individual; government

  • How Spirituality Is A Central Theme And A Driving Force

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    Rabindranath Tagore, born in Kolkata, India in 1861, was a very influential figure in spreading the best of his Indian culture with the world. The Bengali author wrote everything from poetry to plays to songs, and he even painted. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. As such an established author, his art has been and continues to be honored all over the world. Countless reviews have been done on his works in an effort to fully understand his genius. Scholars contest a strong spiritual

  • `` Poor People Written By William T. Vollmann

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    Nelson Mandela once said, “Poverty is not natural it 's man-made.” This quote states that a person can overcome poverty if one has the desire to live a better life. In a novel called Poor People written by William T. Vollmann, the author travels around different countries and places to learn about poor people and to get a global perspective view. While interviewing different kinds of people, Vollmann would ask them one question: why are you poor? Looking at people 's answers Vollmann noticed that

  • Globalization And Its Impact On Globalization

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    solutions for all that are involved. Furthermore, we must analyze globalization, look at different arguments for and against it, and discover what purpose it’s trying accomplish across the world. Authors John Micklehwait, Adrian Wooldridge, and Amartya Sen have

  • The Importance Of Being Well Rounded By Martha Nussbaum

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    Nussbaum: The Importance of Being Well Rounded Martha Nussbaum, author of Not for Profit, argues that the system of education in the United States and abroad is diminishing the country due to the lack of an overall curriculum and awareness of self. Countries are teaching specific skills that will benefit the economy, but it will hinder the citizen’s freedom of expression. Nussbaum addresses the need for arts and humanities, especially the process of critical thinking, in order to enhance global

  • Globalization Of Cambodia

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    development. Cambodia has a significant amount of land (176,515 sq km) but also maintains a large population so development when it comes to land is unlikely, unless the government was able to acquire land from nearby territories. With Prime Minister Hun Sen having been in power since 1998 and there being a significant amount of political unrest prior to that, it appears as if there is a need for further governmental development to better relate to the people who live in Cambodia. The Human Development