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  • Pest Control

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    Substantial Content I. Importance of natural method of pest control The problem with broad range conventional pesticides is that they not only kill the bad bugs, but they rub out the good bugs, too. A garden without natural predators means a world of insects gone wild. There's nothing left to keep pest levels in check. In fact, chemicals can mean double trouble because although you wipe out the first wave of pests, the second wave which is not the usual pest, but another insect moving into the

  • Disadvantages Of Lettuce

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    diseases to other plants. PESTS: There are many pests that affect the lettuce. They are: • SLUGS • SNAILS • APHIDS • CUTWORMS • WIREWORMS • LEATHERJACKETS SLUGS AND SNAILS: These eat young leaves and bury into the heart of the Lettuce. According to ‘TEAGASC’ “ the use of hollowed out grapefruit or orange laid on the surface of the soil, will attract the slugs which can then be destroyed”. APHIDS: These feed on roots and may cause the plant to wilt. ‘alphids’ are also known as ‘Blackfly’ or ‘Greenfly’

  • The Green Movement

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    While this has been the generation where the ‘green movement’ has flourished [Birkland], the growth of industry as well as a lack of proper environmental education, has sparked an increase in wildlife-threatening pollution and litter. [Siegel]. The general population underestimates the effect that “just one bottle” thrown onto the side of the road will have on the planet and its inhabitants in the long run, favoring the convenience of littering over the well-being of the Earth as a whole. This problem

  • Types Of Integrated Pest Management Programs Against Cotton

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    The spiny bollworm, E. insulana and the pink bollworm, P. gossypiella are the most serious pest’s infested cotton in Egypt. The reduction in cotton yield was mostly related to the Review of literature 39 late season infestation with both species and the economic yields are almost impossible to achieve without their chemical control. In Egypt, Khidr et al. (1996) tested the efficacy of the pyrethroids, cypermethrin, cis-cyfluthrin, S-fenvalerate, fenpropathrin and cyhalothrin against P. gossypiella

  • A Brief Note On Foot And Mouth Disease

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    The Search for Better Health Research Task Foot and Mouth Disease(FMD) Foot and mouth disease is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild cloven-hoofed animals (ungulates), these include cattle, sheep and pigs. The disease is characterised by the formation of vesicles and erosions in the mouth and nostrils, on the teats, and on the skin between and above the hoofs. FMD may cause serious production losses and is a major constraint to international trade in livestock and their

  • The Big Lie : Human Restoration Of Nature Essay

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    Ethical restoration has been a controversial topic in environmental ethics over the last couple of decades. Its premise is simple, rebuild or relocate ecosystems that have been destroyed by human development. Many believe it is paramount to build a connection between humans and nature, but there are others who argue its just another form of anthropocentric behavior. Eric Katz rejects ethical restoration in his piece, “The Big Lie: Human Restoration of Nature”. He argues ethical restoration is just

  • Pest Analysis

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    [19]. Converted these frames from RGB to gray frame and subtracted these two frames. Table 1.1 Review on different image and video processing techniques. Papers Parameter Technology Technique Vincent Martin, Sabine Moisan [1],[3] White flies, aphids Image processing and neural learning Segmentation, classification, tracking. Martin, M.Thonnat [2] White flies Image processing and neural networks Global Feature

  • Papaya- Perennial Fruits

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    Ring Spot Virus on papaya. Papaya Ring Spot Virus is a deadly disease for papaya that inhibits the photosynthesis function of the plant and stunts growth leading to the death of the plant. Papaya Ring Spot Virus is a from potyvirus group and is an aphid-transmissible RNA virus that are infects papaya and can also be spread via human contact from infected to healthy plants. There is no chemical cure for papaya infected with Papaya Ring Spot Virus. In 1992, an outbreak of Papaya Ring Spot Virus spread

  • Organic Food Vs Organic Foods

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    Genetically modified foods compared to organic foods is a large topic of discussion. People are always debating whether or not genetically modified foods or organic foods are better for people’s health. Organic foods do not contain any growth hormones, antibiotics, or flavorings that were not originally from the food. This also includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats. Organic livestock is the same way. Organic animals must have access to the outdoors and given organic feed. They may not be

  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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    Lifecycle of a Butterfly Introduction Lifecycle refers to the stages of growth and development of a living thing. All living things go through different stages of development throughout their lives. Change in actions and behaviors are deeply associated with the changes in the stages of life. Butterfly is such an insect, which has a complete lifecycle consisting of four separate stages. In this paper, we will discuss the lifecycle of a butterfly in order to get an understanding of all