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  • Suicide Means Cutting Short One’S Life. Many People Say

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    from heights. These methods apply to both animals and in human beings. Do animals commit suicide too? Did you know that animals, as small as insects, commit suicide? Well, as surprising as it is, it is the truth of the matter. Insects (such as pea aphids) can explode themselves to protect their colony/ family from

  • Symbols and Symbolism - Flowers as a Symbol in John Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums

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    Flowers as a Symbol in The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck       In romantic or sexual context, a woman is often said to be as beautiful as a flower. In John Steinbeck's short story "The Chrysanthemums", Elisa Allen never receives this recognition. Although she is a strong woman, she is frustrated because her husband will not admire her romantically in any way. This frustration only deepens because she is childless and feels the need to be a mother. She discovers an outlet for her frustration

  • Bird Of Paradise Essay

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    How to Grow your Bird of Paradise in 3 Steps Do you know that Bird of Paradise is one of the most exotic flowers in the world but it can be planted in your garden in a very easy way? Despite the fact that Bird of Paradise is a popular house plant for its bright, unusual and lovely bloom, not all of flower lovers out there know how to plant a Bird of Paradise the way it is supposed to be. Today, we at Gardener Corner will help you learn how to grow an eye-catching Bird of Paradise properly. You

  • Benefits Of Plastic Water Bottles

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    Approximately 50 million plastic water bottles are consumed each year, using more than 17 million barrels of oil in America alone (BantheBottle). This shocking statistic may not seem like a great deal, but considering plastic water bottle sales have increased annually since their creation, alarming factors are starting to arise. Not only do they bring forth health hazards, they are also threatening to the environment, as only 23% of the bottles are recycled, creating tons of excessive wastes (BantheBottle)

  • Genetic Testing And Identification Of Dna Extraction

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    have been widely practiced for decades. This report simply summarises our results comparing two methods. The tests compared the effectiveness of the often cited ‘salting out method’ based on Sunnucks and Hales’ (1996) method of DNA extraction from aphids, with a ‘science-at-home’ style method of DNA extraction according to the NHGRI’s video “how to extract DNA from strawberries” (2010) This made use of household detergent as a surfactant to allow the DNA out of the cell and its contents. This method

  • Taking a Look at the Cotton Plant

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    The cotton plant belongs to the genus Gossypium of the family Malvaceae (mallow family); the same family as hollyhock, okra and hibiscus. It is generally a shrubby plant having broad three-lobed leaves and seeds in capsules, or bolls; each seed is surrounded with downy fiber, white or creamy in color and easily spun. The fibers flatten and twist naturally as they dry. There are different species of Cotton - Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium herbaceum and Gossypium arboreum, the

  • The Importance Of Environmental Protection Of The Environment

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    The earth supplies humanity with a plethora of natural resources, but what has mankind done with these gifts? The modern world is a marvel of carefully constructed skyscrapers, painstakingly pieced together palaces, and brilliantly fabricated bridges. The United States has eliminated diseases that used to plague entire nations, constructed hypersonic jets, and made advancements in technology only dreamed about by past generations. However, society's beautiful and convenient design has a cost. Habitat

  • Viruses Are The Worst Enemies Of Viruses

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    Viruses are the worst enemies of farmers. Until now, many viruses continue to attack, and even become more virulent. They have been inflicting diseases from one squash to the other, making them lose their supposedly excellent quality, even killing them. But as people learned crop protection, biotechnology was established. In today’s time wherein crop pests become more and more pervasive due to climate change, scientists have discovered the solution to control them, without the farmers having to

  • Essay about Effect of Rotanone

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    Comparing LC50 of Insectisides Pirimicarb and Rotenone on Blowfly, Blowfly larvae, Woodlice and Daphni Abstract The LC50 of insecticides rotenone and pirimicarb were compared by testing blowfly, blowfly larva, woodlice and daphnia. Rotenone is a NADH dehydrogenase inhibitor causing death by oxidative stress however pirimicarb causes toxicity through acetylcholinesterase inhibition. It was found that rotenone had large toxic effects on daphnia, blowflies and woodlice but not maggots and pirimicarb

  • Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

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    security. Distribution of insect- pest will also be influenced by the change in cropping pattern triggered by climate change. Major insect pests such as cereal stem borers (chillo, sesamia and scirpophaga), pod borer (Helicoverpa, Marucaand Spodoptera), aphid and white fly, may more to temperate regions, leading to greater damage in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits crops. Host plant resistance, biopesticides, natural enemies and synthetic chemicals are some of the potential options for integrated