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  • Arab Americ Arab Americans

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    Arab are an ethnic group native to the Arab world. Arab American trace their ancestor roots to several Arab countries. Lebanon is the homeland of majority of Arab Americans, followed by Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. The Arab world consists of 21 countries that span from North Africa to the Persian Gulf. Arab Americans are as diverse as their countries of origin, with unique immigration experiences that have shaped their ethnic identity in U.S. While the majority of Arab American

  • The Misrepresentation Of Arabs Culture In Hollywood

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    Hollywood films and Arabs are one of the many minority groups Hollywood misrepresent. Arabs are portrayed negatively in films for long time even before 9/11. The Arabs characters are portrayed with always having accent, wearing traditional attire, untrustworthy, aggressive and almost always associated with terrorism. The continuously falsification could lead to stereotypes, misjudgment, and damage to Arabic culture.                   There are handful of movies released featuring Arabs characters in a

  • Arab Culture in Health Care

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    Successful Patient-Doctor Relationships with the Arab Culture Many people have seen the increase of immigrants coming to the United States. “Census 2000 measured a U.S. population of 281.4 million, including 1.2 million who reported and Arab ancestry” (de la Cruz and Brittingham, 2000). Arab Americans are those people who speak or are descendents of Arabic-speaking populations. As doctors and caregivers continue to provide care to those that speak English, communication between them is easy. But

  • The Arab American And Socioeconomic Success

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    from an Arab American household, there has always been an emphasis on higher education and higher socio economic status. I believe that it is something that can be found in various Arab American Communities in the United States and these standards set in the household show when you look at the statistics as to where Arab Americans stand on both educational and socio economical scales. This paper will look into the history of Arabs in the United States, as well as the demographics of the Arab community

  • The Arab Region

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    The Arab region has a conspicuous dilemma regarding countries’ inability to develop into democratic nations. One would expect that because of historical events and transformations in government policies that at least a few of the Arab nations would emerge as democracies. And yet, none have been able to do so. There are several factors that may cause this democracy deficit in the region, but one must realize that every country has its own specific and unique case. Arab countries of the Middle East

  • Arab Americans Essay

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    Like other ethnic minority groups in America, Arab Americans face daily challenges in their overall development and well-being. These challenges take the form of discrimination, stereotyping, and general negative reactions to them as an ethnic group. Arabs, Arab Americans, and Muslims are often stereotyped in movies as sheiks, barbarians, or terrorist. As many Muslim Americans are visibly culturally distinct, it would be of value to explore whether attitudes of non-Muslims toward Muslim Americans

  • Taking a Look at the Arab Culture

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    comes to Arabic language, it would be worth mentioning to say that during Middle Ages, mathematics and science received great boost in Arab-Islamic far-flung civilization, that stretched as far as Asia. With the passage of time through commercial, scholarly and military contacts, Europe also absorbed learning of the more advanced civilization. Contacts with Arab world did play important role to simulate Europe’s intellectual and cultural renewal in

  • The Identity Of The Arab Nations National Identity

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    changing conditions and self-conceptions; together these deny total separation as well as complete incorporation in the way communities relate to one another is fortified by shared images and origins” (Barakat, Halim). The national identity of the Arab Nations national identity is said to be focused on language. Albert Hourani stated in his most famous book, “Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age” by Albert Hourani asserts that Arabic people are more focused on their language more than any other peoples

  • The Arab Spring

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    The Arab Spring is a new term tossed in December 2010, and it covers all kinds of riots, demonstrations and civil wars recently going on in the Arab world. The Arab Spring has established; the power social media can have when applied in social and political scenario. In just a short period of three years, there were changed regimes in four Arab countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen). There were protests and demonstrations in other Arab countries like Bahrain, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Jordon, Kuwait

  • Looking at Arabs through the Eyes of Disney

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    be Aladdin and the images that it conveys about Arabs. The story of Aladdin is a twisted tale of his love for the princess and the manipulation by an evil man who seeks a treasure that can only be retrieved by Aladdin. Throughout this story Disney is able to convey a negative stereotype about Arabs by displaying their religion, sexuality, and behavior in a negative manner. The first stereotype that is set by Disney is the location of where most Arabs live. In the first scene of the movie a man is