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  • Arab Americ Arab Americans

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    Arab are an ethnic group native to the Arab world. Arab American trace their ancestor roots to several Arab countries. Lebanon is the homeland of majority of Arab Americans, followed by Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. The Arab world consists of 21 countries that span from North Africa to the Persian Gulf. Arab Americans are as diverse as their countries of origin, with unique immigration experiences that have shaped their ethnic identity in U.S. While the majority of Arab American

  • Arab American Culture

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    Arab Americans are defined primarily of their religious identity and they reside in all 50 states. The first generation of immigrants from the Middle East dates back to late 1800s. The majority of immigrants’ population came from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Religion plays an important role in the Arab society and most of their way of life is not necessary because of their religion. Like many other immigrants, the reason these immigrants migrated to the United States was to escape

  • Arab Americans Essay

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    minority groups in America, Arab Americans face daily challenges in their overall development and well-being. These challenges take the form of discrimination, stereotyping, and general negative reactions to them as an ethnic group. Arabs, Arab Americans, and Muslims are often stereotyped in movies as sheiks, barbarians, or terrorist. As many Muslim Americans are visibly culturally distinct, it would be of value to explore whether attitudes of non-Muslims toward Muslim Americans resemble attitudes expressed

  • The Arab American And Socioeconomic Success

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    from an Arab American household, there has always been an emphasis on higher education and higher socio economic status. I believe that it is something that can be found in various Arab American Communities in the United States and these standards set in the household show when you look at the statistics as to where Arab Americans stand on both educational and socio economical scales. This paper will look into the history of Arabs in the United States, as well as the demographics of the Arab community

  • Attitudes Towards Arab Americans

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    toward Arab-Americans after 9/11 Arab-Americans were as shocked as everyone else on 9/11 because they didn't know who or what was responsible for the attack on the United States. Immediately after the attacks of September 11, 2001, discrimination was much more prevalent for Arabs living in the United States. Their lives were being threatened and the Arab- American community was being looked at negatively. The health of Arab-Americans started to decline after the attacks. Arab- Americans were

  • Impact Of Discrimination On Arab Americans

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    Jonathan Adams Professor Jed Murr B CUSP 174 A: American Lives 16 June 2015 The Impacts of discrimination on Arab Americans in work place and education. The United States history is the history of immigrants. People from different countries came to the US for different reasons. Some came for political or religious freedom. Others came for economic status. Among those were Arabs. What is an Arab? What is an Arab American? Are these terms subject to negative treatment by others? What is it

  • Arab Americans Have Been Targets Of Discrimination Long

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    Arab Americans have been targets of discrimination long before the 9/11 event happened. If they are immigrants in America, they are seen as bombers or terrorists. And if they are American citizens, they are seen as spies. The way Arabs are portrayed in Hollywood movies have been reflected in the way the government and society as a whole view them. And the way Americans show their discrimination is by rejecting or denying Arabs in all aspects of society which makes it harder for them to succeed. Overall

  • Arab and Muslim Americans

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    Arabs and Muslim Americans Andrew J. Ayers ETH/125 April 11, 2011 Teresa Edge Arabs and Muslim Americans What distinguishes African American Muslims from other practicing Muslims in the United States today? * Arabs are an ethnic group. * Muslims are a religious group. * Islam is the faith, like Christianity. * Muslim is a believer of that religion, like a Christian. * You cannot accurately identify the Muslims by nationality alone. * Just because you are Arab does

  • Arab American Discrimination

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    the workforce have been African Americans and women. The fights for equality in the workforce have been documented in history books, stamped in time by marches, and ingrained in the memories of people who witnessed suffrage movements and public protests first hand. However, often less talked about, but possibly more widespread and documented, would be the discrimination that Arab American workers have had to endure in recent years. On September 11, 2001, Americans woke up to the news that 19 militants

  • Post 9/11 Arab-American Discrimination

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    What are Arab Americans? An individual can be classified as “Arab” if the person speaks Arabic, practices Islam, and identifies with the traditions of Arabic-speaking peoples. (Aguirre and Turner 276)These individuals are usually subject to negative and differential treatment by others. It is essential to identify the differential treatment of Arab Americans by others in society. The mistreatment of Arabs in the United States can be contributed to many factors; however, there have been certain