Arab Peace Initiative

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  • An Analysis of the Israeli-Palenstinian Conflict Essay

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    The thesis of this article is an examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and both the things that have prevented it from being resolved as well as potential solutions or measures directed at establishing peace. The Author’s major arguments in this article start with Israel and how they feel that they have a Biblical right to occupy the areas of the West Bank. The author then goes on to discuss how the Palestinians also feel that they have a right to this land as a birthright because they

  • The Middle East Peace Process

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    Carter in the Middle East peace process and will answer the question: For what reasons and in what ways did President Carter mediate the Camp David Accords and set the precedent for future peace agreement between the Arab World and Israel? The primary sources which will be evaluated are a biography of the life of Carter, which unfolds in an orderly manner the events that led up to Carter’s peaceful diplomatic relation with both factions of the everlasting problem - Arab world and Israel, and a comprehensive

  • United Nations Security Council Resolution

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    been discussed, the fog clears away to understand that the UN Security Council Resolution is a failure to achieve peace, unless both Israel and the Palestinian authorities are willing to compromise. Discussion History: The historical background to the war can be traced to the actions of the Egyptian president Nasser. Nasser had asked UN Secretary General U Thant to remove the UN peace-keeping force from Egypt . When the UN had withdrawn its forces there had been three developments that took place

  • Anwar Sadat and the October War

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    which had been taken and claimed by Israel. Sadat's plan to take back Sinai from Israel helped Egypt to redefine its power and prestige in the world and to initiate negotiations for a peace treaty with Israel. In the plan to take back the Sinai from Israel and also to reinstitute and reestablish unity amongst the Arab nations, Sadat employed diplomatic persuasion at its best. Several months prior to the 1976 war, president Sadat spent most of his time creating ties with the Organization of African

  • The United States And The Middle East

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    and Henry Kissinger’s diplomacy tactics to prevent Arab-Israeli war and lift the Arab oil embargo, President Jimmy Carter’s peace negotiations during the Camp David Accords,

  • Darfur Conflict

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    erupted in bloody conflict. The crisis in Darfur is not an accidental disaster, or a human catastrophe that humanitarian intervention can reverse or solve. The conflict is as not simple as presented in the media, which casts the conflict in terms of Arabs versus black Africans. The reality is far more muddled. It is a human tragedy, brewing for decades, that finally erupted into a vicious cycle of violence in 2003.[1] The Darfur conflict is not only a problem for the Sudanese, but is also a regional

  • Egyptain Foreign Policy In Regards To Israel & The United States.

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    As mentioned, the Egyptians saw the formation of Israel as an Imperialist state, and they were defending the land for the Palestinians, and more importantly for the newly developing arab unity. While the United States was not actively involved in the war, either by providing arms or providing much assistance, their actions did create an interesting and volatile atmosphere. As soon as the state of Israel was created, the United State

  • President Jimmy Carter : A Champion Of Human Rights Essay

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    unemployment and a sharp increase of inflation, Carter is well respected for his attempts to negotiate peace across the world. One of his better-known attempts is the Camp David Accords, in which Carter brought Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat together to discuss peace between the two nations. While most Americans see the Camp David Accords as progress toward peace, Arab leaders felt the opposite. In an effort to establish himself and his knowledge with international

  • Arab Nationalism and Syria Essay

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    In November 1970, Hafiz al-Asad, a member of the Socialist Ba'th Party, seized power in a bloodless mutiny and brought political stability to the country. In the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel. During the 1990’s Syria and Israel held occasional peace talks over its return. Following the death of President al-Asad, his son, Bashar al-Asad, was approved as president by popular vote in July 2000. Syria is now identified as a republic under an

  • The End Of The Palestinian Refugee Crisis

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    The Arab argument is that the Jews purposefully expelled the native Palestinians from Palestine to make room for a Jewish state. They claim that the Palestinian Arab population was violently removed from their homes in Palestine by the Israeli army and forced to flee to neighboring Arab countries. However, historical fact points in the other direction. The start of the Palestinian refugee crisis was rooted in the divisions within the Arab population and its leadership. In Palestine, there were several