Archbishop Mitty High School

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Archbishop Mitty High School

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    I am impressed with the academic and athletic program Archbishop Mitty High School has to offer. When I shadowed at the school I felt the spirit and camaraderie amongst the students. The instructors were welcoming and some had me participate as if I were a part of the class. The campus is impressive and I noticed plans of expansion with the construction of the science building. Continuing to receive religious educational instruction will reconfirm my familial belief in the Supreme Being which

  • The Importance Of School Dress Code

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    Since the day I started kindergarten, all of my schools’ student handbooks have consisted of dress codes that have prohibited leggings, short shorts, short skirts, short dresses, off-the-shoulder shirts, tank tops, and the list goes on. As I looked through the boys’ list, I noticed much more leniency. I remembered my middle school teacher bringing out a measuring tape to measure each girls’ skirt to the inch every morning. I never saw a teacher measure the boys’ shorts to make sure they weren’t above

  • Mitty High School Research Paper

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    attend Archbishop Mitty High School because I believe that I can have an excellent education while having fun at the same time. When I went to the Open House at Archbishop Mitty High School, I immediately knew that this was the school for me. At Archbishop Mitty High School, I saw that they have Debate, Student Council, and Volleyball. I am especially passionate about Debate. I also love volleyball because I know can stay active while having fun at the same time. Since Mitty is a catholic school, I can

  • Explain Why I Want To Attend Rudor Mitty

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    1. Why do you want to attend Archbishop Mitty? I want to attend Archbishop Mitty because initially it felt like the right place for me. From the day I took the tour and attended the High School Information Night, I knew something felt good and I wanted to explore it more. The excitement in the eyes of the students presenting, the joy they described and the opportunities available to them was something I could not stop thinking about. Coming from a small middle school, I wanted more. Shadow day

  • Interview With Annie Sequeira

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    The person that I chose to interview for this assignment was my mom, Annie Sequeira. I chose to interview my mom because I act like my mom in many ways, and I want to compare her high school experience to what mine will be. During my mom’s high school years, she was very focused on her education and wanted to receive a degree from college. But, most of the people in her village disagreed with her and thought that girls should not have to study or work; they would marry and become housewives. My mom’s

  • Blake Flovin Case

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    Blake Flovin, 17, was wrestling in a high school tournament in his home state of California, before he noticed strange red bumps on his face. It turned out that the red bumps were herpes, and the Archbishop Mitty High School senior told KTVU reporters that he never thought he would contract something like herpes from wrestling, but after doing some research, he is learning that it isn't all that uncommon. The teenager's face is now covered in lesions from the disease, and his parents are outraged

  • Ethics Culture Justice: Chin Summary And Analysis

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    expand the circle of ideas. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the Good.” 5,953 miles away, I found the “Good” at Dandelion School in Beijing, China. Through my high school, Archbishop Mitty, I was given the opportunity to take the class “Ethics Culture Justice: China”. And thus I learned how unaware I was of basic real-world facts and controversial issues regarding the United States and China. During my

  • A Life Changing Story

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    experiences with Apple and I am your loyal customer, and I, Ana Plascencia, am truly honored to be given the opportunity to address you (the men and women) who have contributed to the success of the Apple and who have contributed to my success in high school. Lets face it your ingenious technology assisted me with my homework and research projects, allowed me to compose my own music, and allowed me to gain exposure to the outside world. You are the greatest innovators in

  • It Happened To Me Narrative

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    call from my mother. I answered and she began to tell me with great joy that I had been accepted into Archbishop Mitty High School, a Catholic college prep school about 20 minutes away from me. The tired look on my face quickly turned into a huge grin and I started rambling with disbelief. My face had a permanent smile so much that my cheeks started to hurt. I knew that my decision to go to Mitty would change my life forever. My parents

  • Kerri Walsh : A Sports Related Family

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    Lee, was a two time most valuable player in volleyball at Santa Clara University and her father, Tim J. Walsh, played for a minor baseball league called Boise A’s. She attended three schools through her childhood years. She went to Baymore Christian School for grade school, and then went to Archbishop Mitty High School, and for college she went to Stanford University. As a child she played baseball or tee- ball that was coached by her father. She became an all- star baseball player being the only girl