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  • The Watergate Scandal

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    break-in. We will also discuss the events surrounding the discovery of the tapes, the issues involved in trying to get the tapes from President Nixon and what is the "18 1/2 minutes of silence". Finally, throughout this paper we will also include Archibald Cox the first Watergate special prosecutor. This was no ordinary robbery that happened on the morning of June 17, 1972. The burglars were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and the prowlers had been caught while attempting

  • The Causes Of President Richard Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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    The Watergate Scandal During the early 1970’s, a scandal took place at the hands of former president, Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon wanted to ensure that he got the chance to get reelected. He took extreme measures to do so, one of those extreme measures included espionage. On June 17, 1972, five burglars were taken down to the police station after breaking into the Watergate complex buildings in Washington, D.C. The five burglars; James McCord, Virgilio Gonzalez, Frank Sturgis, Eugenio Martinez,

  • The Watergate Scandal Essay

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    problems it worked. Interestingly, Nixon true to his pattern of abusing power, arrogantly thought he could control the office of the special prosecutor (The Saturday Night Massacre). Fortunately Leon Jaworski, who was selected by Nixon to replace Archibald Cox, recognized the seriousness of the situation and continued the prosecution in an honorable fashion. Jaworski is one of the true heroes of this episode in American Political History along with Elliot Richardson. These two men who recognized Nixon

  • Symbolic Convergence in Gossip Girl: The Fantasy of the “In Crowd”

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    From high school girls desperately trying to be one of cool kids in school to corporate warriors rubbing elbows for that next promotion, nearly everyone has fantasized about being a part of the “in crowd”. What is it that makes the bonds and barriers of “in crowd” so unbreakable? Through sharing stories and reaching conclusions through discussion of those stories, members of small groups develop a common bond that shapes their social reality. An example of this bond is prominent in the CW’s hit show

  • Much Ado About Nothing, By William Shakespeare

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    Love is never an easy concept to understand, let alone when everyone around you seems to be figuring it out and you feel out of the loop. In the play, Much Ado About Nothing, and the novel, Pride and Prejudice, this shows to be the main plot line. These are quite dated. However, a modern twist to this story line is also seen in the television series, Gossip Girl. It is the typical love story; the prospective pairs can only fall in love with each other once they recognize their isolation and fight

  • Gossip Girl Is An American Teen Soap Opera Based On The Book Series By Cecily Von Ziegesar

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    Penn Badgley, who plays Dan Humphrey in the hit TV show Gossip Girl, recognizes the negative ideals displayed by the show that launched him to fame. Gossip Girl is an American teen soap opera based on the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. The show welcomes viewers into the exclusive, luxury world of the wealthy and connected as they try to live their lives despite the drama that comes with their power, reputation and wealth. The story follows Dan Humphrey, the so-called lonely boy and Brooklyn

  • Character Analysis Of Chuck Bass

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    episode, Chuck appears as a privileged, woman-obsessed teenager. In fact, referring to the show’s primary protagonist, Serena, he suggests, “that level of perfection needs to be violated.” Later, referring to Blair Waldorf, he insists his friend, Nate Archibald, should “tap that ass.” Ultimately, Chuck only views his female counterparts as sexual objects, not human beings. Throughout the first season, in particular, Chuck is mostly characterized as three things: rich, mean, and sexually aggressive (McNear

  • Comparing Job And J. B. The Book Of Job

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    was a new display from God, showing that bad things can happen to good people. The book of Job made it clear in the bible that God was not giving or taking anything because of our own achievement, but that all things good and bad are from God. Archibald Macleish tries to reenact Job in a more modern version that new readers today might find easier, and although so aspects might be off from the original text, the story of J.B. follows closely to Job’s story line. One area that can be compared when

  • The J.B. by Archibald MacLeish Argues Why God Allows Evil and Suffering

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    remind them that there is an opportunity that they can posses their eternal life. Literature, especially biblical literature has exploited this biblical nature to its fullest in various types of forms, including the play J.B. by Archibald MacLeish. In the play J.B, Archibald MacLeish reanimates and modernizes elements taken from the story of Job to come up with his own response to the ultimate

  • Gossip Girl, And Post-Feminism In The TV Show Gossip Girl

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    Post-feminism Post-feminism can be best described as, “an expression of the belief that feminist thought is now (at best) divisive and mean-spirited, and in any case, no longer necessary because the main aims of feminism have been achieved: men, and women are now social equals” (O’brien & Szeman 395). Post-feminism is portrayed in the show Gossip Girl. In the show, post-feminism is something that is shown throughout the entire series; specifically it is shown by how the female characters are