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  • Design Architect : An Architect

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    What is an architect? They 're so many fields you can find yourself choosing from its wide-ranging to identify what an exact architect is, basically, an architect are people who spend much of their time in space planning, and designing buildings, schools, houses, and other structures for companies or people. You come down to the fact as being an architect you will accompany many people over your career, which leads to my next point. To be an effective design architect, there are certain characteristics

  • The Design Of An Architect

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    through an architect. Client directly approaches the builder for the simple or low value work such as house decoration or house extension. The builder comes to the premises where the job will carry out, client explains the job and awaits for the offer. Then builder’s estimator measures the work, price it and makes the offer according to builder’s own terms and conditions. If the work is big and high in value such as building a house or an industrial unit, client approaches an architect who will design

  • The Title Of The Architect

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    The Title of the Architect When practicing amongst the other members of the project team the architect can be seen to have the only title that does not explicitly represent what he or she does. Unlike the self explanatory titles such as the structural engineer or the CDM Coordinator an architect has increasingly struggled to define what exactly they do, evident from the analysis on the role of the architect which is predicted to shift the profession from a designers role to a managerial position

  • The Architects Of Their Own Downfall

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    Please excuse the cliché here, but architects are; the architects of their own downfall. August Schmarsow likens the role of the architect as similar to a conductor in an orchestra. ‘The conductors of space’. A quite romantic notion, but why has the trust diminished between client and architect? In the UK, for example, most clients are now seeking developers rather than employ an architect. To which there is certain logic, why employ an external body who will not only cost more, but may start to

  • Advantages Of Having An Architect

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    Do I need an architect? • There is no law saying you have to employ an architect, however its advised that you do employ an architect. • At any point you need planning permission, you need an architect • Without an architect you are putting your trust in a builder whose judgement and vision is one you’ll need to trust, if this is the case then an architect is less necessary • If you are not sure of what you want, then an architect can help give you ideas and guide you in the right direction. • If

  • A Brief Note On The Architect Of Canada

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    How to Become an Architect in Canada A career in architecture can pave the way for a rewarding future in the design of homes, buildings, and other structures. Architects use computer aided design (CAD) software to create the blueprints for residential and commercial structures. Some create plans that builders will use as templates for new construction throughout your city or province, while others create unique, one-of-a-kind buildings. Once you learn how to become an architect in Canada, you can

  • Speech About Becoming An Architect

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    know it. Through architecture, there are architects. Architects are known as people people who organizes space. They design copious amounts of different structures. They design houses and small buildings and sometimes even a city’s whole skyline. There are various structures, as a result, there are different branches of architectures. In the field of architecture; the branches of it includes residential architect, commercial architect, landscape architect, interior design, and

  • I Want to Become an Architect

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    architecture, and what it takes to become an architect. I am naturally drawn to this career because it requires lots of creativity and an eye for design. Being an architect also allows you to interact with people, which is important to me because I am a social person. It also is a steady job and brings in a good salary. Through research, I have learned what exactly architects do before starting projects, and while working on projects. A usual day for an architect usually consists in two settings: the office

  • The British Architects Of The 20th Century

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    INTRODUCTION Born on September 8, 1914, Sir Denys Louis Lasdun is considered among the most distinguished British architects of the 20th century. He is credited with having contributed to London’s urban landscape. Among the works for which he is best known are the Royal National Theatre at London’s South Banks of the Thames, the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, the Royal College of Physicians in Regent 's Park and the University of East Anglia. The others of Lasdun’s buildings were a building

  • Architect : An Artist Of The Modern World

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    Architect: An Artist of the Modern World Ever wonder what it’s like to be an architect? With skills like drawing and math it could be something worth doing. Having the ability to write for long periods and stay inside all day sitting aren’t bad traits to have either. Why wonder what it’s like to be an architect when one can be an architect? With some different skills that can easily be obtained, some schooling, and There are different tasks that an architect will have to do and different skills