Architectural styles

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  • The Traditional Architectural Style in the Early 19th Century, in Great Britain

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    is to defy a stultifying tradition or convention, which leads to new, daring styles (Richardson, McKellar, Woods, 2008, p.109). The ‘traditional’ architectural style in the early 19th Century, in Great Britain was classicism, inspired by ancient Greece and associated with democracy as well as with the French revolution (Richardson, McKellar, Woods, 2008, p. 112). Pugin, called this classical style ‘the new square style’ (Figure 4.7, in Richardson, McKellar, Woods, 2008, p.123) and argued that it

  • Essay about Week3 Individual Assignment

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    Week 3 individual Assignment Comparing and Contrasting Architectural Styles CSS/422 Service-Oriented Architecture Software Architecture is how a system is structured, it is a collection of all the elements that are what make the system, there are several different styles which can be used to create a Program or Programs. Software Architecture styles will describe the classes of the architecture being used, these classes of course can be used repeatedly, there are

  • Architecture Style And Architecture Of The Taj Mahal

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    building explained its architecture style and structure which makes it be a remarkable building. For instance, Sultan Abdul Samad Building (SASB) has a unique architectural design which is the mixture of several architectural styles. This result is caused by the Charles Edwin Spooner, the state engineer of Public Work Department, Selangor, who worked in Ceylon before transferred to Selangor. He preferred to design a Mughal-style building on a Classic Renaissance style ground plan which suggested by A

  • Perpustakaan Negara and Pusat Sains Negara

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    Although the storey height of the shophouses is increasing, the plot arrangement and layout remains the same along the existing street following the traditional method of linkages. Practically,this kind of development using the traditional linear style blocks along

  • How The Influences In The History Of The Iberian Peninsula

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    both French and Islamic culture, particularly in Leon and Burgos respectively. In my comparison of these two cathedrals, I hope to grasp a better understanding of how different cultures interact and influence architecture to form the Spanish Gothic style.

  • Gothic Style and Its Influence on Modern Day Concept Arts Essay

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    2012/2013 GKA 2043 Research Methodology Title: The Study of Gothic Style and Its Influence on Modern Day Concept Arts Introduction: Gothic art flourished from the 12th century to the 16th century in Europe in response of the Byzantine and Romanesque tradition. Although Gothic is associated with arts, its most prominent use is in architecture, mainly for its pointed arch and flying buttress. To this day, the Gothic style is taken as a ‘label’ for visual arts such as concept art designs, yet

  • Old Stone Bank: A Unique Building In Providence, Rhode Island

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    Bank is a very unique building in Providence, Rhode Island. Old Stone Bank contains architectural styles from several different time periods. The architectural styles that are found in Old Stone Bank are ancient Greek architecture, and Byzantine architecture. The two most notable features are the Greek like columns surrounding the entrance, and the Byzantine like imposing gold dome on the roof. Architectural styles used centuries ago are often still used in today’s world and Old Stone Bank is an example

  • The Era Of The Industrial Revolution

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    architecture started to form. Each type of revival style was associated with a specific architect, for instance, A.W.N. Pugin was England’s leading Gothic revivalist. The revivals of the ancient architecture influenced the architectural designs of many architects of the time. Two of the most noted architects in the nineteenth century who were influenced by the architectural revivals were: Richard Morris Hunt, the leading architect to the Beaux Art style; and Henry Hobson Richardson, the father of the

  • The Dome Of The Rock

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    in architecture. Architectural uniqueness can be established by introducing the same building form and materials in a slightly different way, complimenting its surrounding. Again, this uniqueness can be achieved by having a completely different building vocabulary, contrasting with its surroundings. In this context, this essay will investigate what type of architectural uniqueness the Dome of the Rock possess and how this uniqueness has been achieved through various architectural elements. Historical

  • Architecture: Architecture Is A Word Of Common Architecture

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    Project Report: Jon 9. Grade Architecture ‘Architecture’ is a word of common knowledge, as I think it should and is at least for the people around me that i know. For me the word is always associated with architect, because an architect is the one who makes architecture real. Architecture as people understand it nowadays probably came to life with the species homo sapiens because they are self conscious, before it was just a very primitive thing. You could say DNA is an architect because it builds