Arctic Cat

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  • Arctic Cat Case Study

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    Arctic cat has been around for a long time from 1960 to present day. Edgar Hetteen founded the company and then went bankrupt in 1982. Then the company Arctco stepped into his place and created the same things Hetteen made. Arctco was successful and then changed the name back to the original Arctic Cat. Their Headquarters is in Plymouth, Minnesota and the majority of manufacturing is in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. The new 2017 Zr 6000 SX EFI is an all around power house according to Christopher

  • Polar Bears

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    SKIN AND FUR Cut off and forced to adapt Population of Bears went away from the rest of the species. Because of rivalry for food?? Imprisoned by glaciers and became separated in Arctic. Lots died from the unforgiving/ harsh environment, but those with evolutionary advantage( IE ideal fur colour) stayed alive and reproduced ‘cause paler bears had better advantage owing to the white hue of the habitat, whereas darker fur bears had harder times blending into the frequently icy habitat while hunting

  • The Narwhal: The Unicorn of the Ocean Essay

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    Wildlife Fund). The scientific name for the Narwhal is Monodon monoceros and it is Greek meaning one-tooth, one-horn. It can grow up to 13-16 feet in length and weighs almost 2 tons (4,000 pounds). The region they are usually located is around the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. They are known as unicorns of the sea because they have a tusk, one of their teeth, coming out of the front of the skull. According to the World Wildlife fund (2014), “Males most commonly have tusks

  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Melting the Marine Life Essay

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    The polar bear lives up in the Arctic region where global warming and climate change are melting the ice caps that the bears thrive on. They use the ice as a platform from hunting and rest. The random pocket holes in the ice, where the seals pop up at, is where the polar bear catches

  • Essay on Frankenstein Continued: A Narrative Fiction

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    could he just have been at home? Why would he miss our father’s funeral. So I got in my carriage and rode home. Victor was not at home. So I went to ask the people in Geneva. One woman told me that victor had left for the Arctic. I asked myself: Why would Victor leave for the Arctic? I realized that I had no family member left, I was all alone. All the money and property was supposed to go to victor because he was the oldest son. But now since he is not here to inherit it, the money was all mine. I

  • Arctic Survival – from Success to Failure

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    Arctic Survival – From Success to Failure Contrary to the outcome exhibited by most other groups during the Arctic Survival exercise, our team score (34) was lower than my individual score (64). This is not to suggest that group collaboration is detrimental; in fact, our outcome was unique among the class and of great surprise to the professor and entire class section. To be sure, pooling resources, elaboration of material, and support and motivation, while perhaps more time consuming, typically

  • The Origins Of The Inuit Culture

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    culture. (NEED REFERENCE) Firstly, here is a little taste of the Inuit’s history. The people of the arctic are known to be called, “The Eskimo’s” back in the old times, The Inuit people speak and write their traditional Inuktitut language, and they are a group of First Nations people who live throughout the Arctic region in Canada. The Inuk culture seems to be well adapted to their homes in the Arctic. They know how to survive on their traditional land and rely their resources very well. The Inuk women

  • Polar Bears Paragraph

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    Rielly Salazar Writing-9 December 19, 2017 7 interesting fact about polar bears Introduction Paragraph... Is a polar bear one of the eight species? A polar bear is a one of the eight species. Scientists believe that the polar bear began over 200,000 years ago. They came from the brown bears ancestors. Most experts think that polar bears are the longest bears. Males measure over 10 feet long, when standing on their hind legs, other bear not so much. Brown bears and polar bear are the largest and

  • African Tigers : Factors, Causes And Dangers Of Tiger Threats

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    Tigers Tigers have lost 93% of their historical range. The clearing of forests for agriculture and timber as well as the building of road networks and other development activities pose serious threats to tiger habitats. Fewer tigers can survive in small, scattered islands of habitat, which leads to a higher risk of inbreeding and makes tigers more vulnerable to poaching. As forests shrink and prey gets scarce, tigers are forced to hunt domestic livestock, which many local communities depend on.

  • The Arctic Ice Sheet Polar Bear Roams The Wilderness

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    In the Arctic Ice Sheets polar bear roams the wilderness. There may be other bears in the arctic, but the polar bear is the largest land carnivore in the wilderness. The polar bear may look like any other bear, but they are different. Now since the ice caps are melting the polar bear are in great threat of going extinct. The taxonomic group that the polar bear falls under is the Ursidae Group( Tanya Dewey and Phil Myers). Bears inhabit the world all except Australia and Antarctica. Although