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  • Analysis Of Les Ephemeres

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    Captivating, peculiar and haunting; the production of ‘Les Ephemeres’ by French theatrical troupe Theatre Du Soleil is directed by the company's artistic director Ariane Mnouchkine. Ms Mnouchkine, along with her theatre company, together present us with perfect naturalism, in the way they move, express emotional and their high attention to detail. The nearly five and a half hour show, makes for a jaw dropping night at the theatre for a mature audience. The production is comprised of dozens of vignettes

  • System Design Failures Of Vlsi Circuits

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    non exhaustive test set is in detecting possible faults in the circuit under test (CUT). Example: SRT Algorithm. [3] System Design Failure are failures in a design, a manufacturing or an assembly process, or a product or service. The Pentium Bug and Ariane 5 Disaster are some of the system design failures. The Pentium Bug: THE ISSUE: The Pentium bug or Pentium FDIV bug was a computer arithmetic bug that affected the floating point unit (FPU) instruction set of

  • A Brief Note On The Therac 25 Incident

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    # P1 - Q26 ###Therac-25 The Therac-25 incident is one of the more difficult to understand. AECL, the company which designed and manufactured Therac-25 is opaque, and gives little to no information on how the software was developed. There is no one incident report, as this took place over two years and 6 unrelated accidents. Many institutions did not even realize the cause patients’ radiation burns and later medical issues until months after. Most of what follows is based on a paper by Nancy Leveson

  • Analysis Of Ariane 5 Launch, The Software Failure

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    During Ariane 5 launch, the software failure occurred when an attempt to convert a 64-bit floating point number to convert a 64-bit floating point number representing the horizontal velocity to a signed/fixed 16-bit integer caused the number to overflow (become too big). The floating point number was too large to be represented in 16-bit (i.e. Ariane 4 software) and this hence caused a numeric overflow. The maximum value that can be represented in 16-bit is 32768. And the horizontal velocity which

  • What Is Therac 25? Where Is It Used?

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    THERAC 25 What is Therac 25? Where is it used? · The Therac-25 is a dual-mode machine that can generate an electron beam, to cure cancer in patients. Flaws · Studies of the Therac-25 incidents showed that many factors contributed to the injuries and deaths. · The factors include lapses in good safety design, insufficient testing, bugs in the software that controlled the machines, and an inadequate system of reporting and investigating the accidents. Design flaws and bugs:

  • Techniques In Ache Lhamo

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    As the actors move along, their movements are set to the beat of percussion instruments which compliment the steps and accentuate the underlying emotional tenor. Steady beats may help emphasise on continuity, which is punctuated with a clang of the cymbals when a distressed character makes an entry. The dance movements include turns and step-hops, done with one leg lifted and bent in front, and flowing wrist movements. These steps and movements are similar to the farmer’s dance and Korean mask styles

  • Is Theatre Still Considered So Important?

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    Is Theatre Still Considered Important? “Human beings creating and experiencing a story together in a room—that’s not going away.” These words of Bill Rauch, an artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, perfectly describes theatre as one of the biggest art forms internationally. In this modern society, theatre in the world has remained admirably resilient, but it simultaneously faces challenges with popular film and television. These challenges have expanded to the Internet and handheld

  • Disneyland Paris

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    Walt Disney Company had always been successfully operating theme park until 1992. Starting in 1955 where the first Disneyland set its foot at Anaheim, California and in 1983 in Florida (Hill, 2000). While in 1983, Disney faced a true challenge as they opened the first international Disneyland in Tokyo. In a fear of wide cultural differences between American and Japanese, it turned out an unexpected massive successful Tokyo Disneyland. As a result, Disney did not hesitate to invest a big sum of money

  • Controversies with the Walt Dinsey Company

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    When someone is asked what their favorite childhood movie is, their mind most likely automatically thinks of one word- Disney. Once they think of that there is an array of movies to choose from. The Walt Disney Company has been making its place in this world for almost one hundred years. Over the decades Disney has become a household name whether it be through their blockbuster movies, television channel, books, products, resorts, cruise line or their world famous theme parks. The Walt Disney Company

  • Analysis Of POOP By Chong Tze Chien

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    POOP 1) Information about the playwright / director “POOP” is a theatre piece, written by playwright Chong Tze Chien and directed by Thomas Lim. Chong Tze Chien is a talented and versatile playwright who has also had experience in directing, acting, producing and designing sets of many plays. In 1999, he was the associate playwright of “The Necessary Stage” and after leaving that position in 2004, he became the company director of “The Finger Players”. After Chong took the position of the company