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  • I Come Hurtling Towards The Club. I Realized At The Last

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    My car isn 't worth shit and we both have lives to get back to, so just give it to me." I 've gotten in his face now, in between him and the pool table. He eyes my body again and then puts his arm around me! Ugh! "Well, maybe if you can offer something a little more.." And then he dips to sniff my hair. Gross! But I realize I can grab my keys if I play along long enough. When I

  • Makayla's Bitterness: A Narrative Fiction

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    the man but all that is left is a bloody, empty robe, no body. She can feel the blood soaking through her fingers that she hasn't realized is clutching her arm. Everything still moves slowly, Dash backing away with low growls, his mouth dripping blood; the prince rushing over to her with frantic, angry eyes as he pries her hand away from her arm; the guards shouting at each other to secure the rest of the royals. Everything snaps right back into reality; the guards shouting, the prince yelling for

  • The Sheet-Personal Narrative

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    red and bruised. He felt the blood from his cracked lip. Greg’s eyes widened for a second, but quickly narrowed and his nostrils flared even more. “To hell with you.” Greg said grabbing a branch twice the size of Sam’s smashing it on Charles left arm. It ripped most of the sleeve off

  • King Aspelta Analysis

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    no indication of any weakness or fat, which would be typical of the average human being. Even in the absence of the work's title, this makes it evident that subject was in a position of power and wish to be seen as an ideal and powerful portion.The arms are large, yet not well

  • Narrative Speech About Bullying

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    get you can’t out run me?” and that, my audience, is the school's bully. Give it up for Ethan Ridgewood! I just whimper and close my eyes waiting for the impact of his fist but, it never came. I open my eyes to see a tall boy with a red head of hair. I'm pretty sure you know what happened next. Now you’re all caught up. The boy I don't know, I presume, is a new kid. Who's fighting Ethan in the middle of the school hallway because of me, I think. The boys get separated from each by the teacher

  • H & M: A Short Story

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    second round of gunfire that echoed behind her. She looked over her shoulder, possibly to see if the men behind her had finally left after the section of the store they were in had gone silent. Thalia turned back to Elliot and snaked a mocha colored arm behind his back as she hoisted him up, which was quite the task, considering Elliot was easily a foot taller than her. Together, the two hobbled out of what used to be H&M. Quickly and swiftly Thalia hauled Elliot out of the mall they were in and to

  • Reflection Paper

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    It felt as if each step I took was going to be my last at any second. It has been sixteen hours of just plain hunger, thirst, and exhaustion which worried me very much. I was walking for hours just to get to the “other side” while being 3 months pregnant. My over thinking became extreme but my main concern was if it was really worth my babies life incase something wrong happened? Who would have thought anyone could physically and mentally survive this kind of thing let alone a pregnant one, luckily

  • Kayie: A Fictional Narrative

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    nurse in there with her. “Just relax and this will all be over soon.” She looked around wondering what was happening and when she looked back to the nurse, the nurse had a syringe in her hand, a firm grip on her upper arm. She tried to get away, but couldn’t. The syringe went into her arm and she promptly fell unconscious. She woke again, her vision blurred, a bright light on. This feels strangely déjà vu. What? This hasn’t happened before has it? Now, when they ask if you remember anything from before

  • What Is The Eight Head Theory

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    heads (Adu-Boakye 2012; Solinger1988). The lower part of the body is longer compared to the eight head figure. The ideal height for this theory is taken to be 5’8”. The division of body structure in eight head principle is shown in Figure 2.1. 1. Hair to Chin: Every garment is put on the body through the head only. For hat or cap head measurements are taken. Right place of the neck is the chin itself. Yoke measurements are taken 1" below the chin. The head is considered as the first part of the

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of The Fracture

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    Quadriplegia is a very complex, life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention after initial injury. After arriving at the hospital, focus on survival is key by monitoring the airway. Respiratory support may be required via mechanical ventilation through a noninvasive intermittent positive pressure ventilator or an invasive tracheostomy if the injury has affected the individual’s diaphragm. After the airway is patent, the regaining of vertebral alignment and immobilization of the