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  • The Army : The Socialization Process Of The Army

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    The socialization process for the Army usually occurs when soldiers are sent off to basic training for weeks to be broken down as human beings and then rebuilt the way the Army wants them. In the same way as sociologists view socialization, the purpose of Basic or a Cadet Leader's Course is for the members to develop a sense of their self as a soldier and learn the ways of the society in which they will be serving. The socialization process is different for cadets who are in college. They are not

  • Army Vs. Military Army

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    Another change occurred, in that armies changed from being mercenary based to kingdoms establishing their own standing armies. As a result, professional soldiers emerged which only continued to elevate the common soldier’s status in society. This occurred for a few reasons. Before arquebuses, a state maintaining a standing army was incredibly dangerous and expensive to handle. A standing army under a commander was mechanically difficult to manage while standing bowmen, as stated before, required

  • The Modern Army: The Spartan Army

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    The Spartan army was arguably the most notorious military force in Ancient times, this is because of their great success in warfare and their renowned skill in fighting and this reputation has resulted in them being notoriously respected in Ancient times. This has been highlighted in modern-day media with the film: “300” when the movie was released in 2006. The Spartan’s in theory were the world’s first super soldiers, entirely devoted to combat training with a full-time job as a warrior, they were

  • The Army Of The Potomac

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    positive that any forces from the Army of the Potomac would make its way down the I-70. Within the last twenty-four hours BG Lane was notified that elements of the 82nd Airborne were making its way north-east to support him and his Marines. The 82nd would take an alternate route circumnavigating Baltimore and coming up south of the Marines current position. Once the 82nd was five to ten miles from the Marines they would halt, dig in and wait for further orders. If the Army of the Potomac decided to

  • Army Profession

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    Is the Army a profession? Some people might think Soldiering is not a profession, due to the fact some Soldiers don’t have a College degrees. Only 7,358 Soldiers In fiscal year 2012 obtained degrees from Associates to Masters (Support Army Recruiting, 2013). Are you considered a professional if you are not college educated? It is important to follow regulations and standards the Army has created. Culture can change in an organization depending on the way the individuals carry themselves.

  • Women in the Army

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    Women Army Women total up till about 14% of the 1.4 million military personnel in the United States army. (Gabbatt, 2013) The statistics in pentagon state that about 144 military women have been killed and around 865 women have been injured in combat and noncombat incidents in Afghanistan and in Iraq. (Parrish ,2012) As of 2012, there were about 20,000 women deployed in Afghanistan and this number is even likely to increase. Women have become an integral part of the army service in Afghanistan and

  • Essay On The Army

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    - I knew you would screw up something... It always happens, and always a different way... but this situation looks very serious... Where are the rest of the guys? - Major looked at me questionably and Dusko also looked at me but with the horror in his eyes. To me, it was funny how their looks were different, reflecting their totally different positions at that moment. It would be much nicer to watch this entire situation as a movie from some good seats. But, it was not a time for analyzing their

  • The Babylonian Of The Assyrian Army

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    and the topic that I have done this research on is the Assyrian Army. I will give a detailed analysis with precise and concise information with well presented information with credible claims to support my paper and my thesis statement that “.The Assyrian Army was the most organized Army in the Ancient near east; they conquered the Dark Age era with their tactical and physical nature of militant system which makes them the best army of all time”. The Worldview connection is that the Assyrian was

  • Army Value Loyalty

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    around all the time, the soldier will want to continue to do the right thing because the integrity and trust of the leader is greatly valued to the soldier and will conclusively generate the foundation of loyalty. Loyalty in the modern military is an Army Value that is greater

  • join the army Essay

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    I retired from the Army last year July 1, 2004. After spending 23 years in the Army, I would encourage any young man or woman to join. The Army was a great experience, and I would do it all over again if given the opportunity. The benefits I received made it well worth the occasional sacrifice. Some of the benefits are full time employment, money for college, free health care, Learning new skills, and the pride of knowing you are serving your country. While in the Army I earned decent money, 30 days