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    (Video on Demand), specifically Netflix, and the shift to its in-house production and distribution of shows. The article also discusses the different periods of television, and whether we have landed in a new period - the era of TVIV. The show Arrested Development is analyzed, because it is a show that transitioned from network television to a Netflix produced and distributed show. The analyzation of the show then leads to a discussion of post-postmodernism and binge-watching. “Netflix does signal a

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    analysis: Arrested Development I. ------------------------------------------------- Introduction: * ------------------------------------------------- James Forman Jr. targets this article towards conservatives who oppose racial profiling * ------------------------------------------------- Claim: Forman claims that racial profiling is an ineffective way to enforce the law and should be stopped. ------------------------------------------------- II. Summary: "Arrested Development" by James

  • Analysis Of Fahrenheit 9/11

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    Even though Arrested Development similarly mocked the Bush administration and the war soon after the invasion in March 2003, the show received a much different reception than that of Fahrenheit 9/11. Simply put, there was no violent backlash against the main producer of the show, Ron Howard, the main writer, Mitchell Hurwitz, and any member of the Arrested Development team. Instead, the only major concrete protest to the show came from the conservative Parents Television Council, when the group listed

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    21) Arrested development is a term used to describe a person who has not fully developed emotionally and has become “stuck” at a certain emotional level. The term has had different meanings over time and in the field of medicine, it was used to describe someone who had stopped developing physically. In the UK, the 1983 mental health act suggested that arrested development was a type of mental disorder where someone who was mentally impaired at a severe level had less intelligence than someone who

  • Background Of International Investment Protection

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    I. Background to International Investment Protection During industrialisation, Western European Countries and United States, which has huge capital surplus, started investing massively in less developed countries in the form of Foreign Direct Investment. There was obviously an imbalance of power between the investing countries and the host countries at that time. The investing countries expected that their investment and property be protected and in case they suffered any injury or incurred any

  • The Main Characteristics Of Emerging Markets

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    comparison with mature fair,followed by a discussion of the impact about the new markets to country. The background of ‘emerging markets’ First of all, before the emerging markets began to growth rapidly, it have gone through a long period of development,from the second world war to the 80s or 90s twentieth Century, there were thirty or forty years. Countries such as

  • The Government Of El Salvador

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    Unidos por la Solidaridad (Unity for Solidarity) (Orozco and Rouse, 2007). This program was launched in 2001 is managed by El Fondo de Inversión Social para el Desarrollo Local de El Salvador (FISDL), a national agency whose goal is to promote local development and reduce poverty in El Salvador (Orozco and Rouse, 2007). Unidos por la Solidaridad collaborates alongside Salvadoran hometown associations, NGO’s, and other private organizations that help fund local projects to develop social infrastructure

  • Escaping the Traps to Find Success

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    1. It is possible but difficult to escape all the traps. 2. Inequality Factors 3. Government 4. Developing Nations 5. Corruption 6. China´s Private Sector 1. It is possible but difficult to escape all the traps. Poverty trap/underdevelopment trap is created when the poor don’t have ability to gain sufficient amount of credit to get out of the trap for generations. If inequality is enormous, the poor cannot get access to loans for their children’s education

  • Essay about Bshs 485 Week 2 Capstone Worksheet

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    University of Phoenix Material Mon Valley Case Study Responses Read “How the Strategic Prinicples of Consensus Organizing Were Applied in the Mon Valley” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing. The following questions come from “Questions About the Mon Valley Case Study” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing. Identify where you see strategic principles of consensus organizing demonstrated in the Mon Valley Case Study. Provide 150- to 200-word answers for each of the following principles and the summary

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    “DISASTERS CREATES OPPURTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT” DISASTER: Disaster can be defined as “The occurrence of a sudden or major misfortune which disrupts the basic fabric and normal functioning of a society, or community.” “An event or series of events which gives rise to casualties and/or damage or loss of property, infrastructure, essential services or means of livelihood on a scale which is beyond the normal capacity of the affected community’s ability to cope with out aid.” According to UNISDR