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  • Earth art is the art of using nature and natural materials, like water, soil, rocks…etc. With this

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    Earth art is the art of using nature and natural materials, like water, soil, rocks…etc. With this you can create anything from sculptures to landscape art in the open. The genre originally started in late 1960’s in the US. Artists were starting to protest against artificial and commercialized art. They want to do something that was big and unmovable; art that couldn’t be placed in museums. (Lanz, C.K) However, sometimes this would be contradicting, as people would pay a lot of money to buy the materials

  • The Role Of Art Materials On The Body

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    The drawing helped me analyze every detail of the different body positions he made and some parts of his facial expression. The art materials that were used to record the observation were, white blank sheets of paper of a sketchbook and charcoal. Charcoal gave me the easiness to draw several lines in a faster manner. Furthermore, the next day, which were Sunday, I would sit in my desk and draw Scruffy once again. My desk is found in my room, and it is a quiet area where I used to concentrate and

  • The Railroad Bride Analysis

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    Consider the painting The Railroad Bride, Argenteuil by Claude Monet. This artwork looks simple, but uses geometry and one point linear perspective. Monet uses a sense of opposition is created by the alternating rhythm of light to dark established by the bridge pillars and the color orange and blue in both water and smoke from the train above. The light and dark areas given the picture asymmetrical balance between the dark and light areas. Monet uses one point linear perspective to create the bride

  • Making An Outdoor Art Installation

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    When I thought about making an outdoor art installation, images of towering sculptures appeared in my head. In the corner of one, I imagined a spider web. The web was truly intricate, delicate, and breathtaking. Yet I desperately pushed the image away. Unable to shake the image, I was terrified that the tiny artist who made that web would suddenly appear in my mind. When I realized how irrational it was to fear an imaginary spider, I knew I had to make an installation of a spider web to face my crippling

  • Case Study Of PRADA

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    Technology. PRADA has artisans with delicate skills and much experience. The hardcore of PRADA’s production employees has been working with the Group for an average of 20 years. It is their core competence and their core value. PRADA has long been adopted management information systems into most of their business part including manufacturing, sales, and human resource management. PRADA has Group information technology director who primarily responsible for the management of the Group’s information

  • Essay On Craftcraft

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    education, finance, lack of modern technological skills and materials and the strength are the availability of cheap labour, use of local resources, low capital investment and unique craftsmanship in manufacturing the products. But today we can see most of the craftsperson leaving the craft. INTRODUCTION- The paper considering the depletion of craft in today’s generation. India is known for its rich culture which include the traditional and many old art forms. The craft is traditionally associated with the

  • Marketing Mix Of Producing Bio Friendly Plastics

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    synthetic and plastic materials like Styrofoam, plastic covering, and other types of synthetic packaging with the new bio-technology called mushroom packaging. The synthetic materials like plastics require a large number of energy to produce as disposal issues requirement and these materials are slowly poisoning our planet each and every time. One little bit of Styrofoam substance consists of 1.5 liters of petrol. In addition, Styrofoam reaction is not so organic with soil material. Consistently individuals

  • Bata India

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    Now they are not dependant on some third party for procurement of raw material. Sales and distribution- Bata operated through exclusive chain of executive own and franchise stores located in prime location country wide. Bata owns network of 300 exclusive wholesalers who serviced 30,000 retail outlets throughout country. Overall

  • Supply Chain

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    with customer loyalty. Our main manufacturing competitor is located in Vietnam and they are supplied their raw material from a manufacturing site in China. However, our company analyst found that the competitor supplies the raw material from China because of a lower price by 10% than our company but, the competitor has to deal with a greater amount of shipping cost since the raw material will be supplied from China to a manufacturing plant in Vietnam. In circumstances of the manufacturing process

  • Giberson Glass Studio

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    pricing strategy to maintain profits after accounting for costs and his wages Looking at the available data, Giberson seems to be under-utilizing several of his resources, namely raw materials and time in addition to inefficiently pricing the products. Let us look at each of these factors separately.  Raw Materials Let us