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  • A Short Story

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    The jeep screeched to a halt. They jumped out and charged up the steps to the front door then pounded on the knocker. 'Open up!' They heard a voice call, 'Don’t shout. I'm coming.' Mrs Fum opened the door and Lord Fox doffed his cap. 'I am Major Chalk from the Children’s Regiment, and this is my second in command. We must speak to His Lordship. Right this minute.' Without further ado, he strode past the open-mouthed housekeeper. Once inside the hall, he marched towards the sound of voices at the

  • My Personal Experience

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    Apprehensive To Feel Being raised in the Chicano culture in a small underprivileged metropolis which had very little community spirit, I was taught to be able to fend for myself at a young age. My family was uptight about my reputation as if our family’s honor depended on it. I was expected to be an admirable and thoughtful person to others while keeping my personal problems inside. This setting vastly affected on how I presented myself my whole life. Growing up in this environment also impacted

  • How To Write A Story Of The Story

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    When she arrived at his apartment, it looked like a Christmas explosion, and Gwen tried not to laugh. Gwaine had strung Christmas lights across his ceiling, covering every inch, and they pulsed to the cheerful melody of Jingle Bell Rock pouring out of his speakers. He wore a black sweater with a huge white snowflake in the middle and a pair of felt deer antlers on his head. On the counter stood several bowls filled with dough. Gwen sniffed. “Is that chocolate and cinnamon?” With a grin, he waved

  • Dracula Movie Vs Book

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    was mortally wounded in the struggle. In the book, they have Dracula dying from having his throat cut and heart stabbed by Jonathan. Also the effects of the movie were absolutely terrible. In one scene, they show a bat flying in and it looks like a plastic bat. If I could change anything from the movie, I would have made the movie follow the storyline of the book more and not change it as much as they did. The movie was very hard to follow along with. I would have also followed the descriptions of the

  • How Societal Pressures Affect Individuals Within War Torn Environments

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    with her, “ Kneeling, watching the hole, he tried to concentrate on Lee Strunk and the war, all the dangers, but his love was too much for him, he felt paralyzed, he wanted to sleep inside [Martha’s] lungs and breathe her blood and be smothered.” (O’Brien 328). Similarly Kirsten carries a comic book that she uses to escape her reality. Despite not having much recollection of the Arthur, the man who gave her the comic, she finds purpose in this item. Readers can deduce this from the fact that although

  • Keturah And Lord Death Analysis

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    The topic that we have chosen was death. The book that I have picked is called Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt. This novel is a supernatural/fairy tale-ish book that involves love and death. In this book, Keturah, a 16 year old female, follows a hart into the forest behind her house. She gets lost in this forest for a few days and when she was starving and thirsty a man on a horse comes up to her and tells her that her time is up and that she’ll become Lord Death’s wife. Keturah being

  • The Children Of Children Are Playing Together

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    “You need to share your toys, Quinn.” They did not need any redirection and often resolved the situation themselves. These interactions are important for learning, as children learn from both talking and interacting with other children and adults (Arthur, Beecher, Death, Dockett & Farmer, 2008). In relation to the ages of the children, it did affect the type of interactions. Ava is 4 years of age, she is autonomous, full of energy and confident. She interacts with the other children, makes friends

  • The Minoan Civilization

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    History Of Architecture Building: Palace Of Minos. Dates: 1700-1400 BC. Time period : Bronze Age. Location: Knossos,Crete. Civilization :The Minoans. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, South of Greece, lays the island of Crete refuge of the lost civilization of the minions.The island is first refereed as "Kaptara" at the Syrian city of Mani dating from 18 000 BC; Also known as "Keftiu” from the fresco of the Tomb of Rekhmire in the valley of the kings in Egypt. The island's length is 260 km

  • What is Love? Tim OBrien's The Things They Carried Essay

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    important decisions we make in our life has to do with what our feelings show us. Love is an important matter in our life because it motivates us in different ways. Love can be shown through emotions or even through actions. What is a valuable definition of love? A brief definition of love can be said to be a variety of different feelings or attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. In other words, to me love is when

  • The Portuguese Machete De Braga

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    The ukulele has long been widely regarded as being an uniquely Hawaiian instrument. However, the small, stringed instrument could be considered an adaptation and creative redesign of the Portuguese machete de braga, commonly referred to as the machete. The machete was introduced to Hawaii about 125 years ago by immigrants from the Madeira Islands of Portugal who came to work in the sugar cane fields of Hawaii. After its arrival in Hawaii, the machete was adopted into the Hawaiian culture very quickly