Arthur MacArthur, Jr.

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  • Essay about Rhetorical Analysis of MacArthur’s Duty Honor Country

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    ourselves to persevere and continue to defend the country. In addressing the Sylvanus Thayer Award on May 12, 1962, at the city of West Point, New York, General Douglas MacArthur urged Americans to remember the major responsibilities we have as Americans in his speech Duty, Honor, Country. With a position of authority, MacArthur powerfully stated that America will only survive through winning wars and fulfilling our duties. His main priority was to defend the nation, respect the nation,

  • Military Generals And General Douglas Macarthur

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    In United States history, there is a long list of premiere military Generals and General Douglas MacArthur was on top. Even as professors and historians scrutinize his failures, MacArthur has not only preserved his reputation, but also maintained one. General Arthur MacArthur, Douglas’ father, famously told him, “there are times when a truly remarkable solider must resort to unorthodox behavior, disobeying his superiors to gain the greater glory” (American Caesar). Douglas took his father’s advice

  • Honor Country Speech

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    Soldiers should live “Duty, Honor, Country,” but what does that entail? The speech given in 1962 to the young cadets at Westpoint was an influential piece still referred to today. In General MacArthur’s address “Duty, Honor, Country Address at West Point,” I will identify the rhetorical devices, persuasive appeals, perspective, and tone used, as well as the impact those devices have on the meaning of this speech. First, in this speech, there are no rhetorical questions given. Although, General

  • Douglas Macarthur Legacy

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    General Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur was a United States general born in 1880 in Little Rocky, Arkansas and passing away in 1964 buried in his mother’s hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. He is known most notably for his defense of the Philippines during World War II although it ended in Japanese occupation of the islands. MacArthur was raised by a military family, devoted his life to the army in both world wars as well as the Korean War, and was loved immensely by the American public throughout

  • Short Summary Of The Battle Of War

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    Hood started out by having Brown and Cleburne to attack Wagner’s line of 3000 men. Wagner’s men were guarded by fieldworks put up before the Confederates had arrived, but since they were made in haste, they quickly collapsed. Wagner’s line let out a single volley of rifle fire before turning around and retreating to the main line. The Confederates were on the heels of the fleeing Federals, so the defending Federals couldn’t fire in fear of hitting their own. This inability to shoot caused a weak

  • William Howard Taft Dbq

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    William Howard Taft once said “Action for which I become responsible, or for which my administration becomes responsible, shall be within the law” ( Taft was the first U.S President to throw a first pitch at a baseball game. President Taft was easy going even with the nickname of Big Lub (because of his weight). After his Presidency, Taft lost about 70 pounds within a few years of leaving the White House. Taft attended Yale university and came in second in his class. In college

  • The Balangiga Massacre: Getting Even by Victor Nebrida

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    by Victor Nebrida and PHGLA All rights reserved The Philippine-American War started on February 4, 1899 and was officially proclaimed by President Roosevelt to have ended on July 4, 1902. Although General Aguinaldo was captured on March 25, 1901, there followed no mass surrender of other Filipino revolutionary generals. Fighting went on in Batangas, Pampanga, Tarlac, the Ilocos, and the Visayas. In Samar, General Lukban 's control had been set and was holding firm. Kill everyone over ten

  • Biography of Dwight David Eisenhower Essay

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    Biography of Dwight David Eisenhower On October 14, 1890, Mrs. Ida Elizabeth Eisenhower gave birth to her third son, Dwight David. He was a younger brother to Arthur B. and Edgar A. Eisenhower. Dwight was born in Denison, Texas, where his family was living at the time. After his father’s general store went out of business in Abilene, Kansas, they were forced to move to Texas, where Mr. David Eisenhower landed a forty-dollar a month job at a small railroad there. Back in Abilene, a new